11 Fun Food Dates That'll Put Some Spring In Your Step

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Real talk: Is there anything better than the start of spring? The breeze brushes your skin and the sun make its first shy appearance after months of dreary, cloudy days. The greenery returns, the birds start singing, and it feels like everyone's in a good mood again. If you and your partner are already keeping an eye out for spring date ideas for foodies, it's hard to blame you. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the dawn of this new season? (Particularly in the form of outdoor, foodie dates.)

If you live in a place where winter undeniably leaves its mark, you'll be grateful that you and your boo finally get to go on dates in the great outdoors. Below, 11 ideas that combine warm-weather rabble-rousing with good eats.

1. Check Out An Airbnb Experience

If you're looking to try something new in your hometown, check out Airbnb Experiences for plenty of ideas hosted by locals. You'll find tons of options, including foodie tours and cooking classes that'll give you and your boo the opportunity to go on a mini-adventure in your own backyard.

2. Host Your Own Ice Cream Crawl

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Think "bar crawl, but make it wholesome." Maybe you and your partner are the types who drink iced lattes mid-February, maybe not. Either way, take advantage of the warm weather by sampling all the best ice cream spots your city has to offer.

3. Grab Some Food At A Fair

Whether it's a spring fair or monthly block party in your city, scope out an outdoor activity with live music, rides, vendor booths, and food trucks you and your partner can explore.

4. Take A Mixology Class

Love a good cocktail but never really learned how to make one yourself? Play bartender with your bae at a mixology class. You'll be learning a new skill you can show off when its your turn to host brunch with your pals.

5. Have A Grill Date In Your Yard

If you have a backyard, rooftop, or outdoor terrace, heat up the grill and prep some hotdogs and hamburgers (or your favorite plant-based alternative). And don't sleep on grilled veggies and seasonal fruits!

6. Hit Up Your Local Farmer's Market

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You can grab some fresh ingredients for your grill date or sample some eclectic cheeses and cool drinks.

7. Have Dinner Outside & Go See A Show

Bonus points if the restaurant you choose matches the vibe of the play, musical, or movie you're seeing. Double bonus points if you live close enough to actually hit up a drive-in.

8. Have Dinner By The Water

Whether it's by a river or at a beach, dinner on the water is 100% romantic. Don't question it, it's just science.

9. Hang Out On A Rooftop

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Now that the frost on the ground has melted, you and your partner are free to hit up your favorite rooftop bar or restaurant. Plus, you get to revel in a few more golden hours now that the season has changed.

10. Go To A Winery

Booking a wine tour is just as romantic and ~bougie~ as dinner on the water, but it's a little more relaxed (with the potential to get rowdy, depending on your mood). But one thing's for sure: wine + spring air + your babe = a perfect day.

11. Have A Classic Picnic In The Park

Even though this date might seem a little corny, the contents of your basket can be anything but. Make a cheese board, stock up on craft beer, bake your partner's favorite sweet treat, and head out to the nearest park or beach. You'll get to spend time together in nature and bask in the sunshine.

Whatever you and your partner decide to do, you'll be served a healthy heaping of excellent eats and wonderful, warm memories to look back on.