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These Scavenger Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Crew Guessing During Game Night

by Daffany Chan
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Virtual game nights are the perfect way to stay connected with your pals even if you're not in the same location. To spice up your usual routine, consider trying out a remote scavenger hunt which doesn't require much setup. These scavenger hunt clues will get you started on your next digital hangout.

If you've never hosted a virtual scavenger hunt, here's how it works. Before you start the scavenger hunt, you'll need to decide if you're going to have a designated scorekeeper or have everyone tally up their own scores at the end. Then, you'll need to set a timer on your computer or phone. You and your pals will need to find as many items on the list a possible before the time is up. You can decide to have people take pictures of the items to send to one person, or you can have everyone round up the items and physically show them off on the video chat. Once the time is up, tally up the points and see who's the winner. You can use these creative scavenger hunt clues during your next game night.

When it comes to creating the list, sometimes it's fun to get creative rather than just naming the item outright. Below, you'll find a list of items you can put on the scavenger hunt list, along with a creative clue you can give your friends to help them figure out what they're looking for.

1. A book that's part of a series

Almost everyone has a book lying around their house, but it can be a little trickier to find one that's part of a series. If you're a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan, you're in luck. Clue: "Something you read that's one of many. To get the points, it doesn't have to be the first."

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2. Something with a heart on it

Whether you have an old Valentine's Day card lying around or a stuffed teddy bear with a heart print, you can get creative with this one. Clue: "This shape is everywhere on Valentine's Day."

3. An ace of spades

You'll need to shuffle through your deck of cards to find the right hand. Clue: "It's one of 52 — sometimes low, sometimes high — not the red kind, and it doesn't share the name that can also be used to describe a bar."

4. A tool used to style hair

Channel your inner hair stylist and find a hair straightener, curler, or razor. Clue: "Curly, wavy, or straight, find this that helps you get there."

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5. A childhood photo outdoors

Head straight to your family album as you search for a childhood photo anywhere outdoors, whether it's in your backyard or at a national park. Clue: "A snapshot from back in time, in a place where the sun might shine."

6. Something you'd wear in the rain

Rock your winter wardrobe and find a raincoat, umbrella, or rain boots. Clue: "Something you'd wear outside when you need your windshield wipers on."

7. Something in a language other than English

Put on your international cap and search for something that's written in a foreign language. It could be as simple as product instructions in another language or a map from your travels. Clue: "Something you might need Google Translate to understand."

8. Something you wear to exercise

Whether it's your go-to pair of running shoes or your favorite pair of leggings, there are plenty of wardrobe pieces to choose from. Clue: "When it's time to break a sweat, this is what you pull from your closet."

9. A baking tool that you can measure with

Head to the kitchen to snatch your trusty measuring cup or measuring spoons. Clue: "When it's time to make cookies, this helps you figure out how much flour you're pouring in."

10. Something you can light up the room with

It's time to light up the room with your favorite candle, flashlight, or lightbulb. Clue: "It does the same thing as flipping a switch, but you can carry it with you in the dark."

11. A boy band CD

When *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys ruled the world, it was all about the compact disc. Clue: "It's smaller than a record, and it might contain hits like 'Bye, Bye, Bye' or 'I Want It That Way'".

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