This Is The Perfect Sappy Movie You Need To Watch RN, Based On Your Relationship Status

I have a confession to make: I am normally not much of a "romantic" movie watcher. Horror movies are definitely more my jam. In other words, when I want to see heartbreak, I want to literally see a heart break. However, there are times when even a sappy movie cynic like me needs the warm embrace of a rom-com to remind me that love is not dead and that it’s OK to get a little weepy over a movie. In fact, it feels great. So, having a sappy movie to watch based on your relationship status will come in really handy for those moments when you really want to slip into a film that either reflects what you're going through, or reminds you that this too shall pass and there is hope on the other side. (Because there is, I promise.)

What's your romantic status? Are you back on the dating scene? Are you deep in a LTR and loving it? Whether you’re single and ready to get your horizontal mingle on, are nursing the most brutal breakup of your life, or are somewhere in between, there is a romantic movie just for you. Here's the sappy movie sure to speak directly to your heart, based on your relationship status.

If you’re single and loving it: 'Legally Blonde'
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One of the best things about a breakup is that moment when you realize you are really truly over your ex, and you’re better off without out them. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are free to pursue your dreams. No movie captures that feeling of elation than Elle’s (Reese Witherspoon) journey from sorority girl hoping for an engagement ring to Harvard law student extraordinaire.

If you’re single and hating it: 'Carol'
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When you’re single and super bummed about it, it’s tempting to believe there is no one out there for you or that you’ll never find love. In this moment, you need a reminder that, no matter the odds, your person is out there and you never know where or when you’ll randomly meet. Carol and Therese’s love story is against all the odds, and yet love finds a way. Also, you’ll totally have a love affair with the clothes in this movie.

If you’ve fallen in love for the first time: 'Call Me By Your Name'
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If you’re falling in love for the first time and want a movie that will capture that same intoxicating, heart-pounding miracle, then look no further than Call Me By Your Name. Swoon-worthy, aching, and sexy AF, this movie just gets it.

If you’re single and ready to start dating again: 'Bridget Jones’s Diary'
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So you signed up for a dating app and are ready to get back out there and find you some loving. Well, congratulations, things are about to get awkward because even though dating is fun and exciting, it also has its cringeworthy moments. This is why Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is a great reminder that through all the awkwardness, there is hope that you will find that person who likes you, very much just as you are.

If you’re dating someone new who makes you swoon: 'Pride and Prejudice'
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Oh, that new relationship energy, when everything feels like fate. If you feel like this time you’ve finally found your Mr. (or Ms.!) Darcy, then the unapologetic romance of this movie is exactly what you need to get your heart all aflutter.

If your relationship status is complicated: 'Silver Linings Playbook'
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I wish all love stories were smooth and easy, but unfortunately people are in them, so things can get really complicated, really quickly. Just because it isn’t always smooth sailing doesn’t mean it has to end sadly. Silver Linings Playbook is a great reminder that imperfect people also deserve a perfect (for them) love.

If you’re in a happy relationship with your partner in crime: 'True Romance'
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The best relationships are the ones where you feel like you’ve found an equal and a partner in crime (figuratively). Someone you know will have your back through thick and thin. In the case of True Romance, they take that to the extreme, but still, seeing Clarence and Alabama take on the world is a beautiful (if extremely violent) thing.

If you’re in a not-so-happy relationship: 'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
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Ever wish you could just have a relationship reset? You and your partner really do love one another but there has just been so much damage? If only you could start all over with a clean slate. If that sounds familiar, then The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the ultimate wish fulfillment.

If you’re nursing a new breakup and need a little hope: 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
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To me, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the ultimate breakup movie, because, while it captures all that heartbreak and suffering that you can totally identify with, it’s still fun to watch. Who wants to be punished when they are already down, am I right? Plus, this movie has the kind of hopeful ending we all need when our hearts are hurting.

If you’re just about ready to give up on love forever: 'Maid in Manhattan'
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In times where you really feel like you're about to give up on love forever, what you need is a modern day fairytale to remind you that love is worth believing in. If J-Lo’s journey in Maid in Manhattan doesn’t make you want to believe in love… well … don’t worry, the next movie is for you.

If you’re completely over love: '10 Things I Hate About You'
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Sometimes you just need to take a love hiatus. I’m not saying you should give up forever, but a break can sometimes be the healthiest option — especially after a bad breakup. In these moments, Kat (Julia Stiles) is the hero you’ve been waiting for. She is over love and and not taking sh*t from anyone. Sure, she finally falls for someone again, but I mean, it's Heath Ledger. Who wouldn’t?

See, what did I tell you? There really is a sappy movie for every stage in the real life drama we call love.