11 Casual Date Ideas That Don't Scream, "Hi, Please Marry Me"
by Korey Lane

Dating is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time, but if I'm being honest, it can also be pretty exhausting. It just feels like there's so much pressure on every date. With so many options (and what can sometimes feel like not enough options), it's already hard to find someone to go on a date with. It's easy to forget what dating should be: Fun. Having a few go-to, casual date ideas to keep the pressure low can feel like a godsend when you just want to hang out with someone cool and get to know them.

A first date can bring nerves, excitement, curiosity, and (a crowd favorite) even butterflies. Maybe you're excited and can't wait to learn more about them. Or maybe you've already felt sparks and already know want to make out with them forever! Whatever the case, those first dates don't have to feel so high-stakes, which is why it can be a good idea to go with something more casual. Sure, going to a nice restaurant is a classic date and definitely allows plenty of time to talk, but if that feels to "formal," or you're daunted by the idea of spending hours coming up with conversation topics, worry not.

Below, 11 casual date ideas so you can focus on each other, and not who's going to tip the waiter.

Play Mini Golf

This is honestly one of my personal favorite date ideas. Mini golf brings in the fun, reminds you of childhood, and is a great way to see each other's more competitive side. Basically, it's the perfect chill date.

Go See A Cool Band

If you're nervous about what to say on your date, go to a concert! It's the perfect blend of casual and cool, and you don't even have to talk most of the time. If you can find a show at a bar, then you can even get a drink after so you can talk when your nerves have cooled down.

Grab Coffee At Your Favorite Place

Just about everyone and their mother loves coffee, and hanging out at your favorite place is a great way to ensure that you're comfortable on the date. Then, let the conversation (and caffeine!) flow.

Go To A Bookstore

If your date has a great time at a book store, then you might have just found the one. Keep them forever.

Just kidding! Sort of! But actually, bookstores are a great way to get the conversation going, learn more about each other, and maybe even grab a cup of coffee.

Throw Some Axes

Axe throwing is all the rage lately, and it's understandable. What a perfectly productive way to get out any anger, frustration, and still have fun and get a good Instagram Boomerang in! If you go axe-throwing on a date, it's the perfect way to break the ice. Literally.

See A Movie

I know, I know, this sounds clichéd, but there's a reason a classic movie date is a go-to. You don't really dress up, there's no pressure to have a long conversation, and you have an entire movie's length of time to decide if you want to stay out or call it a night.

Grab Drinks At A Bar

Hear me out. Drinks can get old, real quick. But if you're looking for casual and you need a little liquid courage and you don't want to commit to date that lasts more than an hour, tops, consider sticking to the classics and grabbing drinks. Sure, there's definitely a conversation aspect to this date, but picking a bar with board games like Jenga or Connect 4 automatically gives you the ultimate icebreaker.

Go For A Bike Ride

For the more outdoorsy type, going for a bike ride is a perfect date option. You can wear leggings, get in some exercise, see some pretty nature, and talk at your leisure.

Do Something Seasonal

If your date is in the fall, head to a corn maze or go apple picking. If it's in the winter, try ice skating. You can pick fresh berries in the spring, and head to the beach in summer. The possibilities are endless, and you'll definitely have a blast.

Head To A Sporting Event

If you and your date are into a local sports team, head out to catch a game! Again, you can talk as much or as little as you want, and don't have to worry about dressing up.

Settle In For Takeout And A Movie

The quintessential Netflix and chill is far from a bad casual date option. You can decide if you want to do it at your place or theirs, choose what to eat, what to watch, and how far you want to take your physical ~connection~.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to casual dates. As long as you keep it fun, light, and interesting, you're sure to have a great time. More than anything, that's what dating should be.