11 2018 Holiday Gifts For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Under $50 That Are Sure To Be Hits

'Tis the season... for frantic shopping, searching for the perfect gift, and keeping a watchful eye on your bank balance — amirite?! Although the holidays can be a wonderful time to exchange gifts with your loved ones, enjoy all the sparkly decorations, and bust out your finest cheesy Christmas sweater, it can also be a stressful time on your finances. Sticking to a budget can be hard enough throughout the year, and the holidays might put an extra strain on your dollars, but don't worry! We got you! Check out these 2018 holiday gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend under $50 that your loved one and your wallet will dig!

While your holiday shopping list likely includes family, friends, and co-workers, chances are the gift you're most concerned about getting just right is the gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, it depends on if you've just recently started dating, or have been dating for years and years. If you're newly together, you might not be thinking of big investment pieces, and if you've been together for ages, a gift card to Amazon probably ain't gonna cut it. This gift list has lovely ideas for relationships of all lengths, all within a handy budget of $50.

Amethyst Face Roller

Amethyst Face Roller




This amethyst facial roller from Skin Gym uses crystal healing properties to create healthy skin, and massages acupressure points to help promote firmness and reduce fine lines. Oh, and it's really gorgeous to look at!

Clearly there are tons of great options for gifts within your budget this holiday season, and I know I would certainly love receiving any of the gems on this list! Of course, keep in mind that your time and affection are truly the greatest gift you can give your loved one(s) every day of the year... but of course unwrapping something awesome is pretty lovely, too! Happy shpping!