These 2000s-Inspired Halloween Couple's Costumes Are So Fetch

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time for a total last-minute scramble to come up with a couple's costume idea. Whoops. Don't feel bad, we've all been there. No matter how late you may be to the costume game, there's one thing no one wants on Halloween: to end up looking like everyone else because you went for the obvious costume. (I mean, who wants to be the eighth Tiger King and Carol Baskin at the party?) One way to make sure you'll stand out is to opt for a 2000s couple’s costume idea for a total throwback. Think about the couples from that era you loved and who give you that great nostalgic tingle, especially if they had an iconic look. Say what you will about the 2000s, but they were trendy AF.

There were so many iconic couples on TV, in movies, and on the red carpet during the 2000s, that it can honestly be overwhelming to try and pick which one you want to be. To help narrow down your search, here are some ideas that totally encapsulate what was great about the 2000s, and some tips on how to recreate them.

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Joel & Clementine from 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
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Willow & Tara from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'
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Fry & Leela from 'Futurama'
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Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson
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Katara & Aang from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

Talk about an ’00s power couple. Aang and Katara literally saved the world from tyrannical rule by Firelord Ozai, and they did it all in super-cute outfits that will be perfect costumes for you and your favorite airbender.

Aragorn & Arwen from 'Fellowship of the Rings'
New Line Cinema

Want a costume that’s epic enough to be worthy of representing your love story? Then there's no better answer than Aragorn and Arwen, who overcame everything from demon kings to mortality itself to be together. Also have you seen her dress? Of course you want to wear this.

Regina & Aaron from 'Mean Girls'
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For the fetchest of the fetch couples costumes, there's really only one answer: Regina George and Aaron Samuels.

The ’00s really did have it all when it comes to Halloween inspiration. You can go spooky, romantic, and everything in between. Let your creativity go wild, and have fun with it. Happy costume hunting!

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