These Easy Floor Workouts Will Make You Feel Productive When You're Actually Lazy AF

by Georgina Berbari

You know those days when you realize you've been lounging on your floor watching Netflix for the past three hours, and getting up actually sounds like the most painfully dreadful task imaginable? Yeah, same. What's even more comical is envisioning yourself actually making it to the gym and squeezing in that sweat sesh you had planned. Luckily, there are loads of workouts you can do on the floor so that you can embrace your inner laziness without skipping out on a little bit of movement for the day.

Honestly, even though being lazy is often frowned upon in our fast-paced society, it's actually not as bad as it's cracked up to be. According to The Independent, laziness is actually a pretty important part of leading a productive and fulfilling life. So, yeah, take that, over-achievers!

Now, that doesn't mean you should take permanent residence on the floor and become an indefinite sloth-like version of the girl you used to be. But if you don't feel like getting up for a quality workout, let your innermost laziness shine through by keeping your sweat sesh at a... lower surface, shall we say.

The next time you're 100 percent sure there's no way in hell you're getting up from your comfy ground-level situation, feel free to stay right where you are with these 10 effective and (mildly) easy floor workouts.

Glute Bridges For That Booty
Howcast on YouTube

Glute bridges are a killer butt workout, and they allow you to stay lying right on your back, which is obviously ideal for your current lazy situation.

This exercise works your butt muscles and hamstrings, while simultaneously strengthening your lower back and improving overall hip mobility. All you need to do is lift your hips and crank out a few sets of this bad boy to reap all of those awesome benefits.

Eagle Crunches To Feel The Burn
Rebecca Pacheco on YouTube

Standard crunches are a no-brainer when it comes to floor exercises, but they're boring AF when it comes to ab workouts.

However, adding a twisty eagle variation to the typical crunch will spice things up and add an extra challenge to your "productive" workout. Trust me, you'll be sure to feel the burn after only a few reps.

The Superman For Major Back Strength

If your lower back is aching from your lack of movement on a pretty blah day, this superman — or superwoman, for all my ~ladies~ — move will literally come to your rescue.

This workout is incredible for building major sacrum and spinal strength, and it'll honestly make your back work in ways you didn't even know were possible.

Frog Lifts For A Lower Body Challenge
FITNESS Magazine on YouTube

TBH, the frog lift exercise kind of looks like you're about to take a luxurious nap, but don't be fooled. The pulsing movement you'll be executing in this bad boy will work the entirety of your lower body, and you'll be bound to break a sweat.

Lying Half Jacks To For Some Shoulder Work
♂ Faith & Fitness ♀ on YouTube

When you're far too lazy to actually rise from the ground and pump out some jumping jacks, lying half jacks are where it's at.

Don't think you're taking the easy way out with this move , though. Your shoulders, core, and glutes will all be working hard during this seemingly casual workout, fam.

Scissor Kicks For A Killer Core
expertvillage on YouTube

Swinging your legs back and forth in a scissor-like motion might seem like NBD, but your core will be on fire for this workout.

Scissor kicks work your transverse abdominis (aka the deepest muscle in the stomach) and your hip flexors, so you'll be putting in some serious work without having to leave your favorite spot on the floor.

Donkey Kicks For Legs Of Steel
LivestrongWoman on YouTube

Donkey kicks pretty much work all of the muscles in your glutes, so you won't have to worry about being plagued by dead butt syndrome after the laziest of days.

Fifteen to 20 reps of this workout is all you need to feel the best kind of booty burn.

The Side Lying Clam For Happy Hips on YouTube

TBH, this workout is actually the position I sleep in most nights, so no promises that you'll be able to stay awake through this one.

For real though, just because I technically snooze in side lying clam, doesn't mean this move isn't hard. You'll see for yourself.

Toe Touches For Upper Ab Power
HASfit on YouTube

Lying down won't seem like such a breeze after you add toe touches to your floor workout routine. This exercise will give lazy days an entirely new meaning.

Keep at this workout until you just can't go any longer, or until your form becomes obviously compromised.

Knee To Elbow Planks To Toughen Up Your Obliques
expertvillage on YouTube

Typical planks are one of the most common ways to improve your total body strength, but adding in a knee-to-elbow variation here will engage your obliques in the best way possible.

Sprinkling a few of these challenging moves into your floor routine will increase your stability from head to toe and make you feel productive AF, even if you're going to plop right back down to the floor immediately when you're finished.