You'll Never Believe These Under-$40 Fashion Items Are Available At Walmart

To be completely honest, I didn't think any Walmart fashion items would ever be on my shopping wishlist. But after perusing the retailer's website today (mouth agape) and realizing that its clothing offerings have improved tenfold since I last looked, I am no longer discounting the store for my sartorial needs. Walmart, you've come a long way since the days where my high school friends and I would troll your aisles on a Friday night for lack of something better to do in the small town we grew up in, and I couldn't be more surprised.

If basics are what you're after, Walmart is an absolute goldmine. From tees and hoodies to monotone sweaters and jeans, it has got everything you could possibly want at prices that will blast those you'd see at Zara or Urban Outfitters. The selection of printed and more stylized items, while relatively limited, shouldn't be ignored either. Summery dresses, printed workplace skirts, ruffled blouses — it has it all, and it has it for under $40. I know it's hard to believe that pieces that affordable and from Walmart, nonetheless, could actually be cool, but check out the below items below and call my bluff if I'm wrong. (I won't be.)

In Full Bloom

I mean, yeah, this is actually one of the cutest spring dresses I've seen on the market thus far this season. Featuring a green and white daisy print and shirt dress design, it's casual cool at its best and reps the Calvin Klein brand very well.

Cardi G

Cardigans are once again trending, as is everything from the '90s and 2000s, so why not give the trend a spin with the plain black option? It'll go with everything, and is the perfect light cover-up for spring.

Into The Wild

Everyone needs a leopard print skirt. Throw it on with any type of black or white top and you've got a killer outfit and this one, in particular, is also workplace appropriate. A truly versatile wardrobe staple.

Fine Lines

Another classic closet must-have is a striped shirt, seeing as it adds a subtle print to an outfit but can also pair with pretty much anything. It's a longtime staple within French style, which means it's undeniably cool.


There's no cooler styling trick than letting your Calvin Klein branded underwear or bra band peek out from underneath your look. Ditch the typical black or white bra for this raspberry iteration and your outfit will be taken to a whole other level.

Cherry Bomb

Thanks to its Peter Pan collar, sweet necktie, and ruffled details, this blouse is all kinds of good. Wear it with a pencil skirt for a big meeting or with black leather pants and booties for a Saint Laurent-inspired nighttime look.

Sweater Weather

Because everyone needs a go-to black sweater, especially one boasting some cool cable knit details.

That's A Wrap

This is seriously chic! A wrap silhouette and cool graphic print? Go Walmart!

Get It Twisted

A cool take on the classic long-sleeved shirt.

Statement Tee

Wear your confidence on your sleeve.