10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Men That Are Actually Amazing, According To Men


If I were to guess what gift men would like to receive most come Valentine's Day, it would involve that exact word: "to come." Sex. Forking. Whatever want to call it. However, if I guessed that, then I would be generalizing quite a bit about men, and that would be uncool because I dislike when men assume that stereotypes about women are true. So... moot point. What even are perfect Valentine's Day gifts for men? Do they even exist?

See, I don't believe that perfect Valentine' Day gifts for women really exist, either. Most of us don't want any sort of present, just some love and affection. (I actually polled Reddit and this hypothesis held true.) I can't imagine that a good old BJ would be turned down by many men of the world, but again, we're not generalizing, so I'm going to stick to research and head to Reddit to uncover the facts... or, more accurately, unfiltered opinions.

If you're not sure what the wonderful man (or men) of your life would like to receive this V-Day, I have some good news: they probably don't want anything. To confirm, here are replies from 10 men on Reddit about what they're hoping for this Feb. 14:

1. For You To Be Grateful For Whatever They Give You

Touché. Very wise. Are you sure you're not Mark Hamill?

2. For You To Say Nice Things

So be nice to them, but also... sex.

3. A Partner To Hang With

I feel you. Tinder?

4. A Fellow Skipper

This is an easy gift to give, because Valentine's Day means nothing.

5. Everything

Well, I guess this sandwich really just wants you to dote on all day on V-Day too, which is fair. And a little weird. (He said it first!)

6. Flowers, Bro

Stereotypes are fake news!

7. Something He Hasn't Asked You For

So, cake or sex? Cake-sex? Cake and sex?

8. Something Meaningful

Fair point. Meaning is greater than value, IMO and apparently, this guy's too!

9. Treats

You knew this was coming...

10. A Burger

This is LA-specific but not male-specific, because I can vouch for Father's Office's burgers (except I think I went to one in Culver City) and I would totally be pleased with a V-Day gift of a burger and a beer there. It's the little things.

There you have it! Men and women all want the same things: food, love, affection, quality time, and maybe some sex. Don't stress the big day, because it seems to me that most of us are over V-Day. Have fun!

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