10 Most Useful Travel Items On Amazon That I Never Jet-Set Without

by Kristin Corpuz

As a frequent traveler — and an even more frequent shopper — I'm always on the hunt for products that'll make my life easier. I love traveling and I never want to complain about having the opportunity to see the world, but being on the road can sometimes be pretty stressful. Between long flights, jam-packed itineraries, and beating jet lag, I think it's really important to have things that make traveling as comfortable as possible. That's why I've rounded up some useful travel items on Amazon that I never get on a plane, bus, or train without.

From the perfect neck pillow, to quick-drying water shoes, to my favorite fanny pack I've ever owned, there are quite a few travel gems I've found on Amazon that always find their way into my suitcase. Even though I try to pack as light as possible — I low-key refuse to check a bag — bringing these things really does help me feel more comfortable when I'm on the road. I travel for at least half of the year, and every little thing that can make me feel more at home is always a win in my book.

Before you go on your next trip, consider investing in some of these products. They'll seriously change the game for you.

This PopSocket prevents me from dropping my phone whenever I'm traveling.

I need a PopSocket for my everyday life, but it's especially handy when I'm traveling. Whenever I need to hold out my arm to take a photo of something that's far away, this PopSocket helps make sure that I don't drop my phone.

This waterproof case is perfect for my phone, and it doubles as a mini wallet.

This lightweight case is absolutely perfect for water excursions. The best part is, it also doubles as a wallet if you only want to bring one thing with you.

These water shoes are great for both hiking and water excursions.

As someone who really loves going on water excursions like kayaking, swimming hole hopping, and more, it's important for me to have the proper footwear. These quick-drying water shoes have been total lifesavers on a number of trips. They protect my feet from sharp rocks and help me avoid that awful "wet sock" feeling. Plus, because this particular style is built like a sneaker, it's a great shoe for hikes that might go through wet areas, too.

Charcoal tablets are good to have on-hand in case I get a stomachache.

Sometimes when I'm traveling, I get tummy aches and indigestion because I'm trying a lot of different types of foods. Charcoal tablets are a great dietary supplement to help with those symptoms, so I always carry them with me just in case.

GoGirls help girls like me, well, you know, go.

Let's be honest: Going to the restroom in some public places — especially tourist attractions — can be less than savory. This GoGirl device is a total lifesaver, most especially if you're not near a rest stop. It can be used anywhere from music festivals to camping.

These bug repellant bracelets are both stylish and effective.

Unfortunately, I'm a mosquito magnet. Whenever I head to a tropical destination, I always leave with dozens of "souvenirs" from little insects.

I truly hate the smell and feeling of bug spray, and these bracelets are a really great alternative. They don't smell or make me feel sticky, but they still keep the bugs away. I usually wear one on my wrist and one on my ankle to cover my whole body. Plus, they look like stylish friendship bracelets.

This all-in-one power adapter works in more than 150 countries.

This probably goes without saying, but power adapters are a necessity whenever you're going abroad, and this is one of the best. It has plugs that work in more than 150 countries, features two USB charging ports, and also has built-in safety shutters.

Spacious fanny packs are both great accessories and really convenient bags.

Anyone who has ever traveled with me knows how much I love fanny packs, and this one is one of my favorite purchases ever. I love the holographic material, because it matches a ton of outfits. This pack is also big enough to fit everything from a portable charger, to a pot of moisturizer, as well as my phone and the rest of my essentials. I never leave the country without it.

This filtered water bottle is awesome for camping.

I always travel with a refillable water bottle, but sometimes, it's difficult to find good drinking water in developing countries that isn't bottled. This filtered bottle from LifeStraw contains a two-stage integrated filter straw that's perfect for hiking and camping.

This neck pillow keeps me supported and comfortable.

It's nearly impossible for me to stay awake on planes and buses, which is always a good thing on long-haul trips. But when I fall asleep, I always find a way to contort my body into terrible shapes that leave me feeling achey and sore.

Ever since I started traveling with this neck pillow, my snooze time on-the-go has gotten so much better. It keeps my head and neck totally supported, and it actually feels comfortable to sleep on.