10 Hilarious Tweets About Crushes That'll Make You Blush & Feel All Mushy Inside

Lauren Naefe, Stocksy

You know when you develop a new crush and all you do is think about that person? You text your friends about the latest thing your crush said to you, scream for days about one "I miss you" text they sent, and you scroll through Twitter to read others' tweets about crushes to know you're not alone in harboring a new obsession. Between figuring out what to say online to your crush and trying to plan a casual way for you to hang out with them, it can be fun to go through what other people are experiencing with their love lives, as well.

Regardless if you're straight, bisexual, gay, pansexual, queer, or somewhere in-between, it's likely you get all of the jittery, butterflies-leaping-around-your-stomach feeling when you get a new crush. And what do you do when you feel something and can't contain it within yourself? Share with the internet for everyone to read, of course. (This is literally my profession, I get it.) Or tag your friends in literally all of the memes. I picked out some relatable AF tweets about dealing with your crush, from the brand-new crush to the one you're just starting to get over. And once you've squashed that old crush, of course that means your brain will hop on to the next one. Read on for some of the best tweets about crushes I found.

Sometimes People Just Totally Change Your Life
ab_reilly on Twitter

And you wonder how you ever survived without them. A crush can turn into a hookup, relationship, or even a long-term friend that you just need to have in your life.

Queer Girls Will Understand
quenblackwell on Twitter

Flirting with guys is so different.

When You're Like, "Hello, Please Love Me"
milkygoddess on Twitter


Maybe next year, what I've been saying for 24 years. Love it!

This Is A Call-Out Post
tahkahseh on Twitter

You know when you see that certain someone who watches all of your Instagram stories and you're like, "Why."

But also, in some circumstances, I'm definitely the "boy." Whoops.

I Love Science
ambertozer on Twitter

It's amazing how you can go from 100 to zero so quickly. The obsession can fade so fast. And then when you realize you feel wonderfully numb to that person, onto the next one!

It Should Be Illegal
gemma_e_b on Twitter

So much work, effort, and thought goes into it. Often with no reward or compensation. Help us all.

Text Me Cute Stuff, I'll Love You Forever
trvpism on Twitter

I don't make the rules. If I wake up and smile from a text from you? You've definitely won points.

When You Want To Make A Point
tristehomo on Twitter

I love showing them who's boss! Not answering for hours!

... Then clearly "giving in" because wanting to talk to them overpowers the need for control.

When You Want To Be Noticed
sjschauer on Twitter

Wow, thank you for noticing someone else instead of me, that's great and so good and fine. It's all fine!

Festive Crushes > Nonseasonal Crushes
valee_gzaa on Twitter

Let's just light some candles, have some cuddles, and have a cozy, comfy time. Fall crushes are the best.

Now that you're done reading about other people and their crushes, maybe send a quick text to your own personal crush. Who knows, maybe it'll lead to a conversation, phone call, or better yet, a date.

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