Why Saying "IDGAF" To These 10 Things In Your 20s Will Set You Free

Your 20s is a time to spread your wings and fly. You're exploring who you are and digging deep within yourself to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. But with any great achievement in life, you will face obstacles and situations that can weigh you down. That's why there are things you shouldn't care about in your 20s, because they have no other purpose but to disrupt your flight.

As you get older, you realize saying you don't care about something isn't really rude anymore. By not caring, you're vowing that you won't waste your time and energy trying to explain yourself. Your 20s is a semi-selfish decade, but in the best way possible. You find out quickly that it's beneficial to seek out people, places, and things that contribute to your well-being. Constructive advice is one thing, but opinions and judgements that deliberately try to bring you down shouldn't have a place in your life. You may make a few mistakes along your journey, but that's how you learn.

It's your life, and you owe it to yourself to live it by your own terms. So, if you want to keep soaring to those beautiful peaks in your 20s, you need to not care about these 10 things that will clip your wings.

When People Are Negative About Who You're Dating

Sure, your friends and family have a right to be concerned if you're dating someone they don't think is right for your safety or well being. But any other comments that are just personal opinions (and may be out of jealousy) have no place in your life.

Consider the opinions of people you respect, but anybody who's not that close to you can keep their thoughts to themselves. You aren't dating to appease a crowd. You're dating who you want, when you want.

Trying To Fit In With The "Norm"

What is "normal" anyway? Keep working on being who you are and don't try to parallel that to anyone else. Diversity is beautiful, and you aren't gaining anything by being something that you aren't. You don't have to explain your uniqueness to anyone in the world.

Opinions About The Career Path You Decide To Take

Are you the one clocking in everyday and dedicating your time to your preferred career path? I thought so. In that case, no one else's opinion matters. Your job is your choice, and if it's a profession you're passionate about, no one has the right to strip you of that joy. You do you, girl.

Entertaining Drama That Has Nothing To Do With You

The world is your stage, and there's always going to be drama lurking behind the curtains. Steering away from it is such a stress reliever. Don't contribute to the cycle. People who gossip and seek drama are so draining.

Criticism About What You Spend Your Money On

You work hard for your money. Obviously, you should be able to spend it on whatever you want, whenever you want. Unless you owe someone money and aren't paying them, nobody's opinions matter about how you allocate your funds.

Going Out Every Weekend

Your 20s is meant to have fun. You're not telling anyone how to spend their free time, and it's not their business how you spend yours. Sure, you might love going to the bars one weekend, but if the following weekend you want to chill at home with your pup, then so be it.

Judgments About How Often You Vacay Or Take Time Off Work

Taking time off from work is a necessity. No one should be keeping tabs on you inside or outside of work (except for your boss approving your time off, of course). Your time, your choice.

Disappointing People Who Hold You To Impractical Standards

This could apply to your parents, the person you're dating, or your friends. It's OK for people to expect your norm from you, but you are the one steering the wheel for who you want to be and how you want to make it happen. No one other than yourself should set your goals and standards.

Critiques About Where You Decide To Live

You love your dream city or your charming studio apartment. As long as you're happy with your living situation, you should be content. And unless someone is paying your rent for you, their opinions have no place in your life.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Your style, your vibe, and your demeanor reflect who you are. If you ask me, that's as beautiful as it gets. You're a gem, and deserve the right to shine in your own special way.

You should feel carefree in your 20s in order to blossom into who you want to be. Care about the things that really matter, and leave other opinions behind.