10 Things That Will Never Come Between You & Your Sister If Your Bond Is Legit

When your sister is truly your ride or die, your relationship can never be broken. From diapers to adulthood, you both have a clear understanding that you were born sisters by blood, but you'll go through life being each other's protector, confidant, sidekick, and so much more. You deflect any turbulence that could potentially shatter your relationship. That's why there's a long list of things that won't come between you and your sister, not even a little bit.

Sisters are a blessing. You two likely have different passions and goals, but that's what you love about each other. And no one ever keeps tabs on who did what for who; sisters share likes its no one's business. I mean, if you're going to share half of your lunch and collection of shoes, it might as well be with a family member who also doubles as your BFF, right?

Ladies with sisters know that there isn't a border you wouldn't travel to or a late-night phone call you wouldn't answer if it meant your main chick was on the other end. Your bond is that legit, and attempting to come between sisters is a total no-no. I'm sure you and your sis can agree that these 10 things won't ever come between the two of you.

Sibling Rivalries

OK, you can't deny that you had some friendly competition when you were younger, but you two were rooting for each other the whole time. You feel weird even referring to it as "sibling rivalry," because it wasn't anything that carried into adulthood.

Your Other Friends, Even Your Best Friend

You have a best friend aside from your sister, but it's a different kind of relationship. You'd never ditch plans with your sister to go see a movie with your best friend at the last-minute. She's your bestie, but that's your sissy we're talking about here.

The Truth

If your sister knows the truth about something, you best believe she is going to tell you. No matter how blunt and unappealing it may be, she wouldn't be your birthright best friend if she kept it a secret from you. You also don't get angry at her for telling you, either.

Your Love Life

Your sister has met your SO and gave to you the thumbs up. That never means you ride off into the sunset and absolutely forget your sis. You might be super excited about this new relationship you have going on, but your sister is still your main girl, and nothing will change that.

Your Job

You're an adult, and unfortunately have bills to pay, so there will be times when you are on serious grind mode. It might seem like you don't have time for anyone, but "anyone" isn't your sister. You'll always make time for her, and when you're having a stressful work week, she'll help you relax with some wine and sweet treats.


No matter how far apart you guys are, a simple call or text will have you feeling like you're right next to each other. Sisterhood can reach across a limitless amount of miles. It's that real when your bond is this legit.

Any Sort Of Disagreement

You and your sister don't always see eye-to-eye, but the amazing part is that you can still move forward with your lives. It doesn't have a negative impact on your friendship. If anything, she has taught you to agree to disagree.

Family Drama

Drama of any kind is not something you guys entertain. When it has to deal directly with your family, you ladies stick to your own little sister world. (You know, the one that's not going to ruin an entire family function over one small disagreement.)

Your Success

I don't know about you, but I am constantly telling my sister that if I make it to the top, she is going to be wearing a crown right there with me. Besides, the perks of success are short-lived if you don't have someone you love and trust by your side. Your life goals include her in some way.

Material Things

You and your sister swap all kinds of things to help each other out. You're never keeping tabs on what the other has. You also aren't stressing if she still has a thing or two of yours, because you know where to find it if you need it.