10 Texts To Send Your Hookup Buddy At 2 A.M. To Let Them Know You're DTF

by Annie Foskett

Oh "hookup buddies," you are a term that makes me feel like a grandma. I'm nostalgic for the days when I could invite a cutie over for snuggles at 2 a.m. and think nothing of it the next day. Except that I was never good at that. In fact, I considered sourcing old texts from a later onset, adult hookup for this article, but I realized I couldn't: When I caught feelings for him, I deleted our text history. Oops. If you're looking for texts to send late at night to guarantee a warm body in your bed, I commend your life choices and I wish I could be more like you.

Usually, if you have entered into a true "we're hooking up and that's it" contract with someone, all bets are off and any text you send post-midnight could warrant an immediate response. (Unless, of course, there is someone else in their bed. Sorry — now do you see why I was never any good at this?) That said, why not get creative?

It's 2 a.m. on a Saturday, you're probably buzzed, and you're looking to get it in (or at least... around). If you somehow have the wherewithal to pull this article up before crafting your invite for one to Hookuppalooza 2017, here are a few ideas on texts to send:

1. "Want You."

Simple. Straightforward. Classic. This is the martini of late night texts. It's vaguely "feelings-y" but definitely guaranteed to get a "want you too" in return. I did source this from my actual life, and I'm a little turned on just thinking about. (Sorry for the overshare.) Also, punctuation is a must.

2."[Pizza emoji] + [Eggplant emoji]?"

This is a little bit of a gross way to ask your hookup to bring you late night food in addition to late night sex. It says "think of the fun we will have if you bring me pizza." I dig it, because why not? And if you're not on the hunt for D, choose another anatomically shaped food item. (Or just use the peach.)

3. "What Are You Up To?"

Ideal for those who want to say more than "u up?" but less than "let's watch a three hour movie together." While this text may seem ambiguous, if you're sending it at 2 a.m., I can assure you that your intentions are clear AF. It's safe to assume that your hookup will respond accordingly.

4. "*Hotline Bling*"

The tonal asterisks on either side of "hotline bling" guarantee your cutie will get that you're looking to have sexy times, not just quoting Drake. Some of you might say this is some dated, emo lyric usage, but when that hotline bling, it can only mean one thing... (It's OK, I hate me, too.)

5. "Wanna Snuggle?"

Again, the late-at-night timing of this text means that your hookup should be able to translate snuggle to tongue-or-other-body-part snuggling. (Ew, sorry for that one.) Alternative version: Just send a spoon emoji followed by a question mark. Mmhmm, I dig.

6. This GIF Of Samantha From Sex and the City

Despite the fact that SATC is pretty much no one on the planet's go-to content for when they want to be turned on, the clear "wanna f*ck?" via GIF is nice and concise. It says means "I want one thing, so please don't be too chatty when you arrive."

7. "Just Ordered You A Lyft To My Place."

This is a boss-ass move and I like it. Of course, maybe don't actually order the Lyft until you get a confirmation from your hookup, but still. This is scintillating because it says, "I want you so badly that I just spent money on you." So basically, Uber Eats for sex.

8. "I Low Key Want You To Go Down On Me RN"

Casual, cool, and collected. Find you a man or woman who is going to salivate over this kind of sexy text. (i.e. find someone generous and obliging.)

9. "You Have A Perfect Bod"

Objectification is sexy. Well, in this case. If it's after midnight and you're sending extremely tantalizing compliments to your hookup buddy, one, they're going to come over, or at least sexy text you. Two, they'll probably compliment you, too. Fun for all and all for fun!

10. "I'm Thirsty..."

Because you don't have time for niceties. It's 2 a.m. If you're just hooking up with this person, there's no such thing as being "desperate" IMO. I also think this allows for some fun replies from your cutie such as "and I'm a tall drink of water" or "omw with beer" or "[insert much more clever thing than I could think of here]." Alternate text to send: "me so horny" which feels a little dated, no?

Now that I've written all of these late night texts out, I've totally reevaluated my opinion on hookup buddies. Mainly, what used to ruin my sleep and my heart now makes me think: I want one and how do I get one please? Don't text and drive, but please sext and thrive. (See? I really am a grandma.) Oh, and if any of these work for you at 2 a.m., please do report back.

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