Here's What To Text Your Hometown Hookup If You're Back & Want To Hang

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Visiting your hometown always prompts some familiar pangs of nostalgia. There’s your childhood bedroom, the brunch place you used to visit, your favorite spots to hang out after school, and of course, your all-too-memorable hometown hookup. Perhaps this person is an ex from high school, or someone you used to have a crush on when you were a kid. Or maybe you met them after you’d already moved away, during a recent visit back home. Either way, now that you’re in town, it’s time to text your hometown hookup and make some plans to see each other again. Crafting that perfect flirty message requires some careful thought.

Depending on how close you are with this person, you may want to keep the message subtle and slightly mysterious. Or maybe you’re an open book and want to cut right to the chase (you go, girl). Here’s a list of text templates to start a conversation with your hookup buddy, ranging from cryptic to candid.

1. “Hey [name]! I’m in town for the week and would love to see you. Free to grab a drink?”

2. “Hey. It’s been awhile, but I haven’t stopped thinking about the last time we hung out. Ready for another round?”

3. “I’m in town for a bit, and you’re obviously the first person I want to see ;) Are you around tonight?”

4. “I’m home for the break, and I feel distracted knowing you’re in town, too. Let’s meet up?”

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5. “Just saw on IG that you’re in town rn. By the way, that new haircut looks amazing on you.”

6. “You and me, tonight, my place. It’s been too long.”

7. “You’re my favorite part of coming home. I’m dying to see you again.”

8. “I’m in the mood for a trip down memory lane. Wanna help me out?”

9. “I just got into town, and I’d love a warm welcome from you ;) Can I stop by?”

10. "I want to remember what it feels like to kiss you again after all this time."

Odds are, your hookup buddy will be just as excited to welcome you back. The more things change in life, the more they stay the same — and this person is still a reliable favorite from your past. Cheers to feeling sentimental together!