10 Easter Texts To Send An Old Flame So Jesus Isn’t The Only One Rising From The Dead

OK, here's the situation. Let's say you've headed back to your family's home for Easter weekend, the kid you used to make out with under the bleachers in high school has glowed up, and you're undoubtedly DTF. Or, to put it in less crass, Biblical terms, ~prepared to engage in a sexual union~. Wondering what kinds of suggestive texts to send on Easter to let them know you're single and ready to mingle this holiday weekend?

Of course you are.

Now, reconnecting with an old flame or past hookup is always tricky business. First and foremost, you've got to confirm that they're still single (i.e. stalk the heck out of them on social media). Then, you've got to artfully balance the fact that yes, you kind of fell of the map and haven't spoken to them in forever with the fact that yes, you're still down for a casual, sexy get-together.

With that in mind, here are 10 texts (and some borderline sexts, in case you're feeling extra bold) to get that convo started. By the way, these are by no means limited to old-school, hometown hookups. Feel free to use any of these lines if you're just looking to reconnect with a hookup you haven't seen in a while and know that a good Easter pun is sure to grab their attention (as it definitely would mine). This holiday's all about resurrection, no? So, why not bring a few of those former flings back from the dead?

1. "I just finished Easter dinner, but I'm craving a little dessert, if you catch my drift. Any chance you're in town?"

2. "Are you around this weekend? If you are, we should definitely go on an Easter egg hunt. And by Easter egg hunt I mean... well, I'll let you see what I mean."

3. "You know, this weekend's all about resurrection. Wondering if you were down to get together and bring back a little bit of that action? Like, [insert any kink or sex move you love here]. It's been a while."

4. "I don't know if it's because it's Easter weekend or what, but I'm feeling like the Energizer Bunny over here. As in, I could Go. All. Night. What are you up to?"

5. "Hey, you keep popping into my head this weekend! Guess I'm hoping to resurrect some of that fun we used to have, in the spirit of Easter. What do you think?"

6. "Been nibbling at the ears of my chocolate bunny and it reminded me of how much I used to love when you did that to me. Would love to be your chocolate bunny this weekend, if you're free? (I can do a little nibbling, too)."

7. "So, I won't tell you what I gave up for Lent, exactly... But let's just say it involves [whichever sexual act you know they're into] and, uh, now that Lent's over, I think we should celebrate together?"

8. "You know how rabbits are basically always DTF? Definitely feeling like a rabbit this weekend. How about you?"

9. Part One: "Want to come over later? I can give you a peep show."

Part Two: "Whoops, autocorrect. Meant to say I can give you some Peeps. But, if you're in the mood for a show, I can give you that, too."

10. Just go with the classic group of emojis with a question mark — throw in a few bunnies, some chicks, maybe a couple of tongues and eggplants and fire? I don't know, whatever you're feeling!

Go on, girls. Consummate like bunnies this Easter weekend.

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