10 Songs For Your Winter Solstice Playlist That Are Hauntingly Beautiful

A world without music would be an incredibly sad place. Music gets us through everything, and no matter the genre, the songs always seem to resonate with us. On the shortest day of the year, don't sleep on the miraculous wonders of music. You're going to need some calming songs for The Winter Solstice so you don't get too antsy about the darkness settling in early as hell like it owns the place.

You'll be fine. Let the music be your wings and fly to a time where the sun was shining for more than just a few hours. The Winter Solstice is going to throw some of us off, but music is always there to reel us back in. Seriously, how the heck do we even get to deserve every precious aspect that has to do with a fine tune?

Calming music is just what you need to take the edge off and embrace the darkness, instead of running from it. Soothing songs have so much more of an impact when you're in a dimly-lit area, anyway. Everything's gotta be just right when you're sitting down listening to music. Let the darker hours set the stage while you add any of these songs to your music rotation.

"The Night We Met" By Lord Huron
LordHuronOfficial on YouTube

This song will seriously have you reflecting on life and the people who are in yours. Seriously, it makes you miss people you haven't even met yet, but in the sweetest way possible. If you have a special person in your life, get ready for them to be racing through your mind.

"The Cloud Atlas Sextet" By Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil, And Johnny Klimek
Der Demiurg on YouTube

Even if you haven't see the Cloud Atlas movie, this song is super soothing and powerful. Why is it that the songs without words always seem to speak the loudest to us? Maybe it's because they further makes us have to interpret its meaning. Music is all about meaning and those inevitable feels.

"Keep Breathing" By Ingrid Michaelson
Yentl1989 on YouTube

This is one of those soft, sincere songs that will have you feeling incredibly triumphant at the end. Stressful days are no more once you've listened to this track. The Winter Solstice may be a little unbearable for some, but if you actually listen to the words of this song, you'll know that "all we can do is keep breathing."

"The Scientist" By Coldplay
Coldplay Official on YouTube

Coldplay is always great to stream for those rainy days or those times when you spend most of your time indoors. It's calming as heck, and if you add any sort of candles to the mix, you are headed toward musical euphoria. Seriously, try it.

"Colorblind" By Counting Crows
KaDDi90 on YouTube

This is a slow, amazing song. If you have a creative knack for something, play this while you're working. You'll be surprised what you come up with.

"Drew Barrymore" By SZA
SZAVEVO on YouTube

How could I forget the queen, SZA. Her tracks are fire, and this one in particular is worth playing more than once. Oh, and the name of this track is simply golden.

"I Get Overwhelmed" By Dark Rooms
Bandcamp rev. on YouTube

Oh my gosh. The first time I heard this song, I couldn't concentrate on anything else. It's haunting, but in a good way. By the time you've tried to figure out what it means, it has already resonated with you in more ways than one.

"Love Yourz" By J. Cole
Peter Parkkerr on YouTube

J. Cole knows how to give you so many metaphors at once that you don't even know how to comprehend life afterward. You feel woke as hell, and his lyrics will always put you on game to his prerogative. Listen and you'll see.

"One Day Like This" By Elbow
ElbowVEVO on YouTube

Where do I even start with the musical magic that Elbow harnesses? The lead singer is basically a poetic genius and sings the most heavenly lyrics you will ever hear. If The Winter Solstice has you down, this song will lift your spirits to heights you didn't even think were attainable from a song.

"Philadelphia" By Neil Young
NepheshAngel on YouTube

You don't have to be from Philly to appreciate the musical comfort this song inevitably hashes out once it blesses your ears. It's soft, short, and sweet. You are most definitely going to have this on repeat, and each time won't even sound the same to you.

Music makes everything better, even the shortest day of the year. Get your faves together, and there will be sunlight before you know it.