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There are plenty of mixed messages out there when it comes to pleasure and sexuality education. Unfortunately, depending on where you grew up and what you were taught in school, you may not have had access to inclusive, science-backed information about sex and consent. That’s where the pros come in — the best sexperts to follow on Twitter are providing a positive, judgment-free spin on self-love, relationships, and wellness. They’ve made a career helping others embrace their sexuality.

Believe it or not, only 24 U.S. states and the District of Columbia currently mandate sex education in schools, according to Planned Parenthood. And the subjects actually taught in those sex education programs are often left up to individual school districts. This leads to a lot of confusion among young people about safe sex, contraception, and healthy relationships. (Not to mention the orgasm gap between genders.) A December 2017 Guttmacher Institute survey found that only half of teenagers received formal instruction about contraception before they had sex, and fewer than 6% of queer students reported receiving LGBT-positive sex education in their health classes.

It’s a frustrating reality, but thankfully, there are plenty of badass professionals determined to break down cultural stigmas about sex. Here’s who you should totally follow on Twitter for no-nonsense, inclusive, and fun sex advice.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (@AskDrRuth)

If you’re not already keeping up with the iconic Dr. Ruth, you’re missing out. She has been giving sex advice to millions of people for four decades now, ever since she gained international recognition with her radio talk show, “Sexually Speaking,” in the 1980s. She has an amazing personal story, which you can learn about in the Hulu documentary Ask Dr. Ruth. Her Twitter feed, true to her personal brand, is witty, informative, and hilarious.

Emily Morse (@SexWithEmily)

Sex therapist, podcast host, and author Emily Morse is a force to be reckoned with. She has been hosting her popular podcast Sex With Emily since 2005, and has also made multiple TV appearances, written a book, and contributed to major publications for many years. Her approach is fun, judgement-free, and entertaining, and her podcast will answer basically any sex question you’ve ever had.

Ericka Hart (@ihartEricka)

Hart is a black, queer cancer survivor, activist, and sexuality educator who has taught sex education to students and adults across the New York City area. She also teaches classes at the Columbia School of Social Work. On her social media platforms, Hart bravely shares her story of beating breast cancer in her twenties, and she provides inclusive, informative sex advice everyone can learn from.

Jenelle Marie Pierce (@TheSTIProject)

Jenelle Marie Pierce is on a mission to break down the stigmas surrounding sexually transmitted infections. She launched her organization, The STI Project, after experiencing stereotyping surrounding her own experience with genital herpes. She has now dedicated her career to educating others about living (and thriving!) with STIs.

Jess O’Reilly (@SexWithDrJess)

Can’t get enough of sex-positive advice podcasts? You’ll love Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a sexologist, TV personality, speaker, and champion for accessible sex education. She hosts a weekly podcast called Sex With Dr. Jess, where she answers listener questions about pleasure, consent, and relationship issues. Her Twitter feed is full of helpful articles she’s quoted in, and links to TV appearances and podcast episodes.

Cameron Glover (@BlkGirlManifest)

If you’ve ever had a dream of starting your own business, you can learn a ton from Cameron Glover. She’s a business coach for sex educators, so she knows a thing or two about approachable, inclusive sex education and the logistics of building a career in the field. She’s the Director of Operations at Women of Sex Tech, as well as host of the biweekly podcast Sex Ed in Color, which highlights sexuality professionals of color.

Sandra Daugherty (@SexNerdSandra)

Another sex-positive podcast host to check out is Sandra Daugherty, creator of the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast. She interviews scientists, practitioners, and sexual health experts, and works with listeners to answer their sex questions in a curiosity-driven way. BTW, her Twitter feed is super self-aware and hilarious.

Shan Boodram (@shanboody)

YouTuber, speaker, and author Shan Boodram basically does it all. She began her career as host of MTV’s Guide To Sex, and from there, she hosted and produced two more dating series, The Perfect Date on Fullscreen and Make Up or Break Up on Facebook Watch. Boodram is a member of the American Sexual Health Association, an ambassador for AIDS Healthcare Foundation and, and the author of The Game Of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets To Dating With Dominance. She’s smart, funny, relatable, and knowledgeable AF.

Jamie J. LeClaire (@JamieJLeClaire)

Jamie J. LeClaire is a sex educator, writer, and consultant dedicated to teaching others about trans and non-binary sexual health and wellness. They are passionate about issues ranging from porn literacy, polyamory, and consensual non-monogamy to fat acceptance, body politics, and sex work advocacy. LeClaire’s Twitter feed (and their IG grid) is a treasure trove of thought-provoking, action-oriented sex advice and insight everyone could use.

Gigi Engle (@GigiEngle)

Sexologist Gigi Engle seriously knows her stuff when it comes to pleasure and love. She’s an award-winning feminist author, certified sex coach, writer, and sex educator. She writes an advice column called Ask Gigi and frequently contributes to a variety of publications. Engle is super active on Twitter, sharing personal updates, stories she’s written, and information about her sex handbook for millennial feminists, All The F*cking Mistakes.

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