10 Covetable Sephora Gift Sets For People Who Have Too Much Makeup

Everyone has that beauty-loving friend. You know, the one with so much makeup that they literally own every shade of liner, shadow, lipstick, and blush they could ever need. It makes finding the perfect holiday gift for them a total pain in the a**. This year, opt for one of these Sephora gift sets that doesn't revolve around face paint, and watch as they get genuinely excited about receiving something they don't already own 50 of.

To be transparent, I am that pain in the a** makeup hoarding friend. I have an entire bin under my bed filled with more eyeshadow palettes and tubes of lipstick than I know what to do with. I've had some of them since I was in high school, and only seem to be adding more to my collection. In short, another gift set of matching blushes and glosses is the last thing I need.

What I will never have enough of, however, are products for my skin, hair, nails, et cetera. Testing out new lotions or serums never gets old, and I run through those types of things way more quickly than pretty much any form of makeup. Sephora offers some pretty awesome presents (ranging from nail polish sets to gift-worthy fragrances to covetable skincare kits) that I'd be elated to receive, so if you have a friend that's like me, or one who just doesn't wear makeup period, scope out a few of my favorite selects below.

About Face

TATA HARPER The Luminous Glow Collection

Tata Harper is a cult favorite beauty brand for a reason. It has worked miracles for my skin, which is acne prone and fluctuates between flaky and oily on the daily, and I recommend it to literally everyone. This Tata Harper gift set is a steal; it includes a regenerating cleaner, resurfacing mask, illuminating eye cream, and illuminating moisturizer. In other words, it's an all-in-one kit that will give its recipient the gift of enviably dewy skin.

The Mask(s)

This mask gift set is not only super affordable, but it has a different color of clay for every skin woe. Whether your friend has oily or dry or sensitive skin, there will be something in this little box to help remedy it. Plus, masks always conjure images in my head of the luxe spa days that I wish I could afford, so this is bound to be a hit.

Pucker Up

This all-in-one lip kit allows its user to prep, protect, and paint their lips. Give this to a friend whose pout is prone to chapping, and they'll thank you all winter. It includes an exfoliating lip scrub, softening serum, moisturizing SPF lip tint, and smoothing lip treatment. It also comes with a nude creamy lip color, which I assure you is super neutral. Best of all? They're all imbued with Fresh's delicious sugar scent.

Sampler Size

Fragrance is ALWAYS an ace gift. But 17 fragrances? Unbeatable. From Chloé's classic rosy Eau de Parfum, to Tom Ford's rich Black Orchid, this set includes everyone's all-time favorites.

Won't You Light My Candles?

This set of three mini candles is perfect for the friend who is into a sleek and minimal apartment aesthetic, but indulgent scents. The three fragrances, which include Book, Oolong, and Orris, are meant to be layered on top of one another in a customizable manner.

Cream de la Crème

I know what you're probably thinking: Lotion? Are you serious? I received a similar set to this one of L'Occitane lotions last year and let me tell you, it was one of the best gifts I got. Each lotion tube is mini-sized so they fit in pretty much any purse, and every single scent smells so good that you never want it to run out. This set includes shea butter, cherry blossom, lavender (my favorite!), almond delicious, and pivoine flora.

Polish Off

Each color in this mini nail color gift set is based off of a classic wardrobe staple, meaning whoever receives it will have a hue to match every outfit. Called The Boyfriend Jeans, The Grey Trench, The Cashmere Knit, The Suede Tote, the polishes are every fashion girl's dream.

Gift Shower

As an avid music festival-goer and traveler, I'd be delighted to receive this brilliant gift set. It includes dry shampoo, vegan deodorant, tinted moisturizer, lip paint, and blush. If showering wasn't an option for a day or two, this would be a godsend. Give it to the adventurer in your life!

Save Skin

This comprehensive kit includes 12 mini skin saving products, from a scrub to a serum to a foaming cleanser. There's no better gift than bright, nourished skin, and this gift set will ensure just that. Plus, each product comes in an appropriately festive jewel tone packaging.

Wipe Out

For your friend who's always on the go! This gift set includes 10 fragrances, with each coming in the form of two pre-packaged wipes. The scents can be layered on top of one another for a super customized aroma, and range from musky to floral.