10 Randonautica intent suggestions

These 10 Randonautica Intent Suggestions Will Spice Up Your Next Adventure

by Daffany Chan
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TikTok has brought with it some wild trends, and Randonautica has been one of the more fun ones, as it gets people setting out on mysterious quests. This summer, the app has inspired people across the globe to explore solo or social distancing in a small group as people try to safely get our during the coronavirus pandemic. The game requires you to first define your intent, or what you'd like to see. If you're ready to embark on a journey, here are 10 Randonautica intent suggestions to get you started.

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, Randonautica is available for both iOS and Android users. The app encourages users to get out and explore their local areas by giving them a randomized set of coordinates to track down.

To start, you'll be asked to set an "intention" for your quest. That just means you'll write in the app what you'd like to to see. From there, you can choose the location you'd like. If you select an "attractor" location, for example, you may find yourself in a denser area that features different quantum points that translate to coordinates in a set vicinity. If you'd rather explore an area that's less dense, you can choose a "void" so that you have fewer coordinates to choose from. Finally, you can go on an "anomaly," which is recommended if you have a set intention in mind of what you'd like to see at the end of your journey.

Figuring out a good intention can be hard, but it's essential to completing a fulfilling Randonautica quest. If you're looking for new ideas to spice up your next adventure, plenty of Randonautica adventurers on Reddit have been sharing how they've been using the app, and you can look there for inspiration.

1. Dog

You can set your intention to man's best friend for a cuddly surprise. This Reddit user decided to set their intention as "dog." They ended up finding stray dog, which they took home.

2. Waterfalls and Water


One Reddit user shared that on their first experience with the app, they set their intention to "water," since they live in a big city and rarely see any waterfalls. And lo and behold the water intention brought them to a little stream and waterfall.

3. Peace and Tranquility

In Georgia, one Reddit user shared they intended for "peace and tranquility," and they were led down a picturesque off-beaten path in the woods, with the final destination being a golf course nestled in the woods. Along the way they stopped by a stream, they said they were the only ones there, which felt very peaceful, as they were surrounded by nature.

4. Beauty

If you set your intention to beauty, you might be as lucky as this Redditor who did just that. According to their post, their "beauty" intention led them to field of flowers with a beautiful deer right in the middle of them.

5. Something New

One Reddit user set their intention to "something new," and it led them to a green oasis near their school, which they had never been to before.

6. Something That Doesn't Belong

Open your adventure up to endless possibilities by requesting something that doesn't belong. One Reddit user searched a void with "something that doesn't belong," and found a cardboard drawing of a leprechaun in the the middle of nowhere.

7. Something Good

If you're looking for a little bright spot in 2020, set your intention to "I want to see something good." This Reddit user did just that, and they stumbled upon someone giving away free plants.

8. Ancient

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/Moment/Getty Images

Explore the history of your surroundings by asking for ancient on Randonautica. This Reddit user did just that and came upon the oldest building in their city. According to the picture they shared, it was a moss-covered structure that had a slightly eerie vibe, so hopefully your old buildings give off happier vibes.

9. Colorful

You can set your intention to colorful to brighten up your day. This Reddit user found a pleasant surprise: a peacock roaming around in an open field.

10. Treasure

If you set your intent to treasure, you may get something spectacular. One Reddit user even found a $100 bill.

Remember if you do go out Randonauting to follow safety precautions set forth on the site, and make sure to follow local coronavirus social distancing guidelines. And now that you're set with some intent ideas, you should be ready to go!

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