Women Reveal Their Partner's Biggest Flaw They've Learned To Accept

by Candice Jalili

No matter how wonderful your partner is or how much you really, truly love them, everybody has their flaws. Unfortunately, when people talk about their partners, they usually do it in a bragging way, where they leave out their partner's shortcomings. So you're left thinking you're the only one who ever gets annoyed with your partner sometimes. But rest assured, you are not alone, after all! A recent Reddit thread asked women for the biggest flaws in relationships, when it comes to their partners, and they got very real. Read along and take solace in the fact that you're not the only one who gets annoyed with your partner, whom you still love very much, from time to time.

Her partner doesn't do well talking to crowds.

He's a bit of a conversational bull in a China shop. Like, he starts talking and he just doesn't stop, it's impossible to shift the topic or insert an anecdote or segue to something else. He just keeps talking... everyone will be done with dinner and his food is cold because he can't stop. I thought maybe on our first date he was just a nervous talker, but this is how he is. He probably won't change, and I'm okay with it for the most part, because I can play pokemon while we walk and he talks.
I've become a bit more forceful to engage with him and help others around him jump in and actually have a conversation rather than listen to a lecture.


Her boo is not a planner.

My SO is bad at planning. If I'm stressed out I need to plan out how I'm gonna fix it, but if he's stressed out planning makes it worse. So if we're both stressed out one of us is gonna suffer for it. He's getting better, though.


Her SO doesn't know how to handle his money.

Since other people have posted, I figured I'd say mine too.
My boyfriend is TERRIBLE with money. He always forgets to pay his bills. He's not a spendthrift or anything, but he's terrible at picking the economical-yet-quality choice whenever he goes to the store; he'll either buy the cheapest, crappiest thing that will fall apart immediately upon purchase, or he'll buy a $12 bag of chocolate chips or fancy gourmet pasta instead of the normal stuff. As for the bills, when he was in charge of the hydro bill, he forgot to pay so often that we almost had our power turned off 3 times, even though we could afford the payments. I still have to remind him every month to pay his rent.
I've learned to accept that I will just be in charge of all the bills when we're married. That's something I can deal with, especially since autopay makes it easy. At the same time I'm really hoping he'll gradually improve, just in case I become incapacitated or forget one month or something.


Her partner gets moody.

If he is pisses, he will stay pissed the whole day, and he will show it to everyone.


Her man doesn't know how to deal with emotions.

He is an emotionally complicated person, but not an emotionally intelligent one. He has a lot of feelings but doesn't know how to appropriately deal with his own or other people's feelings. He can also be very inflexible - he has very fixed ideas about how things are/work/should be done.
I have not learned to accept it. He is in therapy and I question every day how much change I think is reasonable to expect and what accommodations are reasonable for me to make. Work in progress.


Her bae is not very responsive on the phone.

For some reason he cannot make important phone calls that he needs to make which inevitably affect his life. Won't call the dentist, won't call the doctor back, ect. It's really frustrating sometimes.


Her partner isn't big on showing affection.

My partner is the least affectionate person I've ever met. There are no forehead kisses, there are no compliments, there are no hugs.
It weighs on me, but it's who he is as a person and I try not to make it about me.


Her SO is disorganized.

He's not very good at organising things. He leaves things last minute and he's indecisive and he forgets to tell people things or invite everyone. He's a very laissez-faire kind of person which is great to hang out with but not so great if you want him to actually plan a date. He's been getting better at it at my insistence though.


Her partner is not a go-getter.

He is pretty passive in his approach to the world. He rarely makes suggestions for things for us to do other than to play games. It took me a long time to realize this was just his nature and not a particular snub to me. If I want to do something, I plan it. Sometimes he goes along and sometimes he doesn't. But I've definitely had to give up the idea that he will ever plan a romantic getaway for us. That's just not going to happen.


Her boo doesn't... squeeze his toothpaste out properly.

He absolutely, positively, cannot for the life of him figure this out, no matter how many times we’ve talked about it. I’ve demonstrated, I’ve cajoled, I’ve begged him to learn. But the man is just incapable of squeezing a tube of toothpaste correctly. He squeezes from the middle of the damned tube! So much left stranded at the bottom! Who does that?!


OK, so we all get annoyed with our partners from time to time, but never lose sight of the fact that you aren't perfect, either. Part of being in love is accepting each other's flaws and loving each other wholly.

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