10 People's Biggest Flaws In Relationships That Their Partners Have Learned To Accept


No matter how wonderful your partner is or how much you really, truly love them, everybody has their flaws. Unfortunately, when people talk about their partners, they usually do it in a bragging way, where they leave out their partner's shortcomings. So you're left thinking you're the only one who ever gets annoyed with your partner sometimes. But rest assured, you are not alone, after all! A recent Reddit thread asked women for the biggest flaws in relationships, when it comes to their partners, and they got very real. Read along and take solace in the fact that you're not the only one who gets annoyed with your partner, whom you still love very much, from time to time.

Her partner doesn't do well talking to crowds.


Her boo is not a planner.


Her SO doesn't know how to handle his money.


Her partner gets moody.


Her man doesn't know how to deal with emotions.


Her bae is not very responsive on the phone.


Her partner isn't big on showing affection.


Her SO is disorganized.


Her partner is not a go-getter.


Her boo doesn't... squeeze his toothpaste out properly.


OK, so we all get annoyed with our partners from time to time, but never lose sight of the fact that you aren't perfect, either. Part of being in love is accepting each other's flaws and loving each other wholly.

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