10 "Mistakes" You'll Make In College That Your Older Sis Definitely Warned You About

There's no one in the whole world who has your back quite like your sister. When you're the baby sis, you know your main girl is so full of wisdom and advice. She's eager to pass it down to you, and that's totally the case when you're going off to college. Your sister warned you about some of the "mistakes" you make in college, but you'll likely make some of them anyway and learn from them.

You're only human, and your sister doesn't tell you her "mistakes" so that you won't do them; she's tells you them so that you know it's OK to have a few slip-ups every now and then. She turned out just fine, and so will you. As a matter of fact, one of the things you love most about her is that she's as real as can be.

Think of your sis as a predecessor to most, if not all, of the sticky situations you might find yourself in throughout your college career. She gave you the heads-up so you can accept your "mistakes" easier, come up with solutions, and then move on. Your sister doesn't want to coddle you, and that's why she'll be so supportive if you make any of these 10 "mistakes" in college.

Getting Locked Out Of Your Dorm At Least Once

One morning, you'll inevitably dart out of your dorm and sprint to campus just to get to English literature on time. Phew, that was a close one, right? Not quite.

When you get back to your dorm room, you'll realize you left your keys on your bed and your roommate won't be home for a while. Welp, it sounds like it's time to be buddy-buddy with your RA.

Temporarily Losing Focus On Your Studies

College is going to introduce you to so many new experiences and lessons beyond the classroom. You might get a little distracted and slightly veer off track. Lucky for you, though, your sis told you about her temporary slip-up, and you'll know just what to do to get your focus back.

Trying To Date The First Person You Crush On

Yes, the first person you crush on in college holds a near and dear place in your heart. Try to remember that you are in a huge, new pond and that's just one fish who caught your eye. You might not want to put all of your eggs in one basket during your first semester, so keep swimming.

Holding On Too Tightly To Your Hometown Friends

Your sis knows how agonizing it is to leave your day ones. She also isn't a stranger to the stress of trying to upkeep those relationships and make new friends. You love your hometown crew, but that shouldn't hold you back from expanding your social circle in college.

Packing Most Of Your Schedule With Morning Classes

Your sister can attest to how you are so not yourself when you have to wake up early. You're not a morning person, so she warned you to take advantage of the luxury of setting your own schedule in college, or you'd slightly regret it. When she's right, she's right.

Butt Dialing One Of Your Parents During A Night Out

When one of your buns calls your mom at 2 a.m., you'd think it'd be harmless right? Not at all, because by 2:05 a.m. your mom will be so concerned about whether or not you're OK, that she'll probably call you five times and sent about a dozen texts. Didn't you listen to anything your sister said about her spring break butt dial back in her day?!

Splurging On More Than You Have Saved

You get so much freedom when you go off to college. This includes the freedom to spend funds that you don't necessarily have. You might learn the hard way that a happy-go-lucky time splurging at the mall could equate to a month of ramen noodles for dinner.


Your last-minute techniques have been straight fire in almost every other part of your life, but your sister told you how procrastination isn't so cut and dry in college. You had a FaceTime chat or two with her during her college all-nighters. Her face when you'll try to get the same sympathy, is enough to make you kick your procrastination to the curb.

Not Checking Your Emails

Finding out class is canceled is music to any college student's ears. When you show up and you're the only one who's sitting in a sea of empty seats, "All By Myself" by Celine Dion is the only thing you'll seem to hear. Cue the violins when you see that your professor emailed you the night before about class being canceled. You just didn't check it.

Not Reading Your Professor's Syllabus

Why are people so eager to not read the fine print? In college, your signed syllabus is an agreement between you and your professor that you understand how they run things. So, when you sign it without really reading it, you'll be utterly confused when there's no curve on that test you needed a slightly higher score on.

You'll have to learn how to combat the currents of college soon enough. Thankfully, your sister supplied you with an extra paddle.