Memorial Day Weekend Means Extra Time With Bae, So Here Are 10 Epic Date Ideas

by Jamie Kravitz

Memorial Day, which falls on Monday, May 28, this year, is a national holiday that commemorates all the military men and women who gave their lives for our country. The weekend before, however, tends to be a time for celebratory outdoor barbecues and pool parties to help welcome the upcoming summer season. We may have essentially skipped spring this year, but Memorial Day weekend still marks the beginning of sunny summer days and long summer nights. To help you and bae say hello to the warm weather, here are 10 Memorial Day weekend date ideas for you to try together.

Because the weather has been so unpredictable lately, I've included indoor as well as outdoor date options. And if you (or your partner) don't want to drink, there are plenty of activities below that don't need to involve alcohol consumption. Plus, you can take your pick from romantic one-on-one dates as well as fun group outings. Whatever your interests, there is bound to be more than one date idea here that speaks to you. So get out your American flag sunnies and your cutest red, white, and blue ensemble. Because believe it or not, Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.

Host A DIY Pool Party
Stocksy/Jen Grantham

Break out the popsicles and koozies, because it's pool party season. If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard or apartment building, then you've already got that covered. If not, you can buy an inflatable pool on Amazon ahead of time. Not in your budget? Get an inexpensive kiddie pool for you and your friends to dip your toes in instead. You can even float mini inflatable drink holders in them to achieve that perfect Boomerang or Insta pic. Other necessities include water or beer pong, beach balls to toss around, and a killer summer playlist.

Plan An Outdoor Potluck Dinner
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If you're looking to invite your friends over in a drier setting, host an outdoor potluck dinner. Have everyone bring an appetizer, main course, or dessert, and don't forget the paper plates and plastic utensils. As an alternative, you can make it more of a tapas-style dinner by asking attendees to bring a starter to share instead of a main dish.

Take A Long Drive
Stocksy/Irina Efremova

Want to keep it more intimate this Memorial Day weekend? Get in the car and go for a lengthy drive — just the two of you. Make your way up to a prime lookout spot and park in time to watch the sun set, or just roll the windows down, blast your favorite songs, and cruise with no specific destination in mind.

Have A Patriotic Movie Marathon

Whether you're more of a Saving Private Ryan pair or a Captain America couple, a night in with a few patriotic movies and a shared bowl of popcorn is an all-American idea. If you want to add another layer of fun to the evening, look up a drinking game online or create your own rules to go with the film(s) you've chosen to watch.

Attend A Local Parade Or Celebration
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It's important not to forget the real meaning of Memorial Day, so make time to attend a local parade or celebration in your city. It's a great way to spend the day together outside while still commemorating the United States Armed Forces. If you'd rather contribute in a different way, you can make a donation to the USO, participate in a fundraiser, or send a care package to help support our troops.

Have A Picnic In The Park

Another classic idea is to plan a romantic picnic in the park for you and your partner. Pack all of your favorite foods along with a big blanket to relax on. If you're an active couple, bring along a Frisbee to toss around. Or, if it's more your style, you can each take a book and read quietly while enjoying the weather and each other's company.

Go Camping
Stocksy/Dimitrije Tanaskovic

If you're able to get away for the whole weekend, consider going on a camping trip together or with one or two other couples. Nothing says summer like being able to gather around a campfire without freezing your fingers and toes off. Depending on where you go, it might be chilly at night — but that just means more opportunities to cuddle up close to your significant other.

Spend The Day On The Water

If the sun is out, rent a paddle or row boat, go kayaking, or simply spend the day sitting by the water with your S.O. You can also look up whether there are any evening fireworks shows scheduled in honor of U.S. veterans. If you plan far enough in advance, you can even rent a lake house or Airbnb with a group of close friends for the entire weekend.

Watch A Baseball Game
Stocksy/Sean Locke

Baseball is America's favorite pastime, so why not catch a minor or major league game? Day-of tickets near the back of the stadium are usually pretty affordable. That way, you can save your money for ballpark hot dogs, peanuts, and beer. If it rains or you don't want to pay for tickets, you can always go to a sports bar and watch the game together on the TVs rather than spectate from the stands.

See An Outdoor Movie
Stocksy/Tana Teel

Now that it's beginning to warm up outside, see if any of your local parks are hosting movie screenings under the stars over Memorial Day weekend. Or, find a nearby drive-in theater where the two of you can watch a new release or a discounted double feature from the comfort of your own car. Don't forget to pack snacks, drinks, and plenty of blankets.

Memorial Day weekend means more time with bae, so why not spend it in an extra special way? Whether you choose to hang out alone, with other couples, or in a big group of friends, these epic date ideas are guaranteed to make for a truly memorable Memorial Day weekend.