Your St. Pat's Party Needs These Matcha Recipes, Because All Green Everything

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and you may be feeling excited and lucky for that green holiday. Before you can get your best green outfit and St. Patrick's Day makeup on, you are definitely going to want to chow down on all of the green food you can manage. Almost anything you can think of can be turned into a festive treat, but traditionally with food coloring. While this really isn't bad for you, a better way to achieve this effect is to look up matcha recipes for St. Patrick's Day. It'll give your food that green hue while also being pretty dang healthy.

Matcha is green tea powder and has everyone super hype about it. If you're a tea drinker, this is certainly right up your alley, but if you're a little apprehensive, don't worry! It will be a perfect edible substitute to food coloring that'll make all of your treats green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Of course, it'll change the flavor a little bit, but it's not bad at all. Any of these recipes can easily be made for vegans or the lactose intolerant by swapping in friendly ingredients, because we deserve green happiness in food form, too.

Matcha Breakfast Pancakes
Mixed Makeup on YouTube

To start out St. Patrick's Day on a sweet note, before day drinking and partying your green socks off (if you're over 21, of course), make some green pancakes. Follow the video above, but essentially you just add fine matcha powder to a regular pancake recipe, and voila! You have pancakes that even Sam-I-Am would be jealous of. You can turn the syrup green, too, with food coloring.

Classic Iced Matcha Latte
Sasha Colina on YouTube

A true matcha classic, you can down a green tea latte on your favorite green holiday of the year. Matcha, or green tea, lattes can now be found at most major (and even smaller) coffee places. It consists of matcha powder mixed with water and the type of milk or cream of your choice. Since it's a latte, it takes a lot more milk than regular coffee, so using cream will make it really heavy. Almond milk or soy will help you feel lighter throughout your day of good luck activities.

St. Patrick Day Swiss Rolls
Just One Cookbook on YouTube

Have you ever heard of Swiss rolls? Of course you have — and you can even make them at home. For St. Patrick's Day, you can make these really fun green treats, perfect for if you're throwing a party. Everyone wants something sweet at any holiday party, so give the people what they want and make it green.

Matcha Cookies
Just One Cookbook on YouTube

Entertain your guests with delicious matcha green tea cookies. They also have white chocolate chips for that added flavor. Even if you're not throwing a party, these are super cute and easy gifts to give friends and family when wishing them luck on St. Patrick's Day.

Matcha Macarons

Macarons are a little tough, especially for those who haven't made them before. From personal experience as someone who worked at a bakery that specialized in macarons, I can say that they are super, duper delicate and hard not to break the first few times you make them. The shells are always going to be easy to crack, but after a few tries making them, they won't break during the process anymore.

These might not be the best for beginners to make on March 17 or the day before, however, you have some time to practice. This is a super cute idea for fingers snacks at a party or get-together for St. Patrick's Day, so it's definitely worth the hassle.

Festive Green Tea Chocolate
Just One Cookbook on YouTube

Practically everybody loves chocolate, and if they can eat it, it's most likely a favorite of theirs. This recipe takes white chocolate and turns it into a green tea chocolate. Sweet, yet with some healthy parts, this treat is super fun for St. Patrick's Day and is also pretty easy.

Crepe Cake Made With Matcha
Just One Cookbook on YouTube

This tutorial is really great at going step by step, so if you practice this one as well, you'll be ready to slay it. St. Patrick's Day should give you a little more luck than normal too, right? Even if it doesn't exactly look like a picture-perfect final product, it'll definitely still taste beyond amazing.

No-Bake Green Tea Cheesecake
TabiEats on YouTube

For the cheesecake lovers out there, this recipe is perfect if you don't want to fire up the oven for your St. Patrick's Day treats and, of course, if you can't get enough cheesecake in your life.

It's super aesthetically-pleasing, as you can tell by the final product, and you can certainly recreate that look if you're throwing a party by grabbing some wine glasses. Again, this can definitely be done in a way that's vegan-friendly by finding coconut whipping cream (which will taste almost like the real deal when in the treat).

Easy Matcha Ice Cream
ZaTaYaYummy on YouTube

Everybody also loves ice cream. While green tea ice cream can be an acquired taste, it will certainly add to your green theme for St. Patrick's Day. March is still a little chilly outside, but if you don't mind a little more cold from the ice cream, you definitely won't regret serving this at your party. You do need to freeze it overnight, so plan accordingly.

Green Braided Bread
Peaceful Cuisine on YouTube

Irish soda bread is a staple for St. Patrick's Day, and for good reason. It's Irish, it's tradition, and it's good as hell. But if you want to add matcha to your bread plans and mix things up, try this matcha and adzuki bread recipe. That last ingredient is a bean, so if you're not wild about experimenting with that if you've never tried it before, leaving that out from the recipe should be fine. Maybe add in some cinnamon or leave it with just the matcha.