Yes, Jelly Sandals Are Back, So Here Are 10 Pairs To Transport You To The '90s

Forever 21

Fashion is inherently cyclical, and right now we're in the middle of a sartorial era wherein everything '90s and 2000s is beyond cool. (Let's be real — the '90s will never not be cool.) To help you channel your pre-teen self, I rounded up jelly sandals under $50 that are as colorful, gummy, and mood-lifting as the ones you wore way back when, and they won't break the bank. Remember the delight of getting a new pair of jellies when you were a kid? These will help you experience that same simple pleasure again.

The most common jellies from my childhood were those that caged the entire foot in, all the way from the toes to the heel. My favorite pair was a semi-translucent slime green color flecked with silver glitter — I wore them 24/7, until one day I waded into a muddy lake during a camping trip, and my right shoe was suctioned off of my foot and ingested by the sludgy depths. Needless to say, I was devastated. Man, that crying 10-year-old would've been thrilled to know that she would rock similar jellies later in life!

Whether you want to stick with the classic cage silhouette or are more inclined to sport a slip-on, there's a modern day gummy style out there that's definitely going to pique your interest. Check 10 out below — are you ready for this jelly?

Pretty In Pink

Opaque jellies are growing me, especially when they come in this Pepto-perfect hue of pink!

Steal The Spotlight

These jellies are all about turning heads, thanks to their glittery gold hue and chunky platform soles. They're like jellies for grown-ups. Bye, summer wedges, you've been replaced.

Water Baby

Thanks to their semi-translucent sole and straps, which are both a sky blue hue, these sandals look like pool water in shoe form. They're slightly chunky and would look ace with faded denim.

Shine On

Another pair of perfectly sparkly jellies, this time in an egg yolk yellow. The white buckle adds a fresh color contrast to the shoe.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Show me a pair of jellies that's more Blair Waldorf than this one, I'll wait! Featuring an opaque burgundy hue, heeled silhouette, and luxe bedazzled details, this style was basically made for Gossip Girl's fashion queen.

Orange Crush

People say that orange is the hardest color to wear but thanks to these jellies, I disagree.

Rainbow Brite

Wear literal rainbows over your arches with these multi-color slip-on sandals. They're perfect for Pride Month and beyond.

Net Worth

The design of these sparkly blue shoes reminds me of mermaid basically, they're perfect for summer.

Go For Marigold

This floral yellow hue is trending this summer, so why not rock it from head to toe? I love the heeled silhouette of this jelly — it renders it a festive going out shoe option.

Tread Lightly

This super soft baby pink hue is the perfect addition to any warm weather wardrobe.