This Is What You'll Find In 10 Different Olympic Athletes' Gym Bags, So Take Notes

by Georgina Berbari
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The Winter Olympics are right around the corner, which means it's time to brush up on your favorite athletes in ice hockey, figure skating, snowboarding, skiing, luging, bobsledding — did I get them all? Regardless of sport, each and every one of these athletes are so incredibly talented. Just think about all the intense workouts they must endure to sharpen their skills. TBH, you might find yourself low-key wanting to be just as prepared and in the zone as they are when it comes time for your own workouts. Luckily, we've rounded up a few gym bag must-haves from Olympic athletes so that you can pack like the pros and effortlessly slay your sweat sessions.

Honestly, it's pretty cool to find out that so many of the athletes competing in the Olympics are literally just like us. From common gym bag staples to comfort food cravings, these badass pros are actually totally normal and down to earth.

So, the next time you're (miraculously) convincing yourself to trek from your office to the gym on a snowy, sucky day — as if trudging through the icy tundra wasn't enough of a workout in and of itself — try packing your bag like these 11 Olympic athletes so you're more prepared for your sweat sesh than ever before.

Headphones Are A Definite Must For Mikaela Shiffrin
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Mikaela Shiffrin is an American ski racer who literally landed a world cup podium at the tender age of 16. Incredible, right?

This totally badass woman tells Elite Daily she always makes sure to pack a water bottle, headphones, her heart rate monitor, and chalk on her way to each workout.

So like, if she wears headphones, and I wear headphones, does that basically make me an Olympic athlete? Let me know.

Adam Rippon Needs Those Emergency Fruit Snacks
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Adam Rippon is one of three U.S. men that were selected for the 2018 Olympics, and he absolutely slays everything he does in the world of figure skating.

Before he hits the ice for practice, Rippon tells Elite Daily he always makes sure that his workout bag includes his headphones, his phone, a water bottle, his car keys, and best of all: some trusty emergency fruit snacks — 'cause sometimes you just need some fruity goodness to cure that hanger, ya know?

Jamie Anderson Always Sneaks In Some Essential Oils
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Jamie Anderson has made a name for herself as one of the best female snowboarders in the world, and she was the first ever women’s Olympic slopestyle gold medalist.

Working to maintain that impressive rep is no freaking joke, and she always comes prepared with headphones, her iPhone — which is set up with killer playlists — a reusable water bottle, and her favorite essential oils. Calm, cool, and collected is Anderson's jam when it comes to her training schedule.

You Won't Catch Ashley Wagner Skipping Out On The Deodorant
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Ashley Wagner is an incredibly elegant and strong American figure skater and a three-time U.S. national champion within her sport.

Wagner tells Elite Daily her training bag always includes deodorant, her heart rate monitor, Caudalie Micellar cleansing water, a pair of sliders, and Beats headphones. Hey, just because it's cold on the ice doesn't mean the sweat isn't real AF.

Chloe Kim Is A Nike Girl Through And Through
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Chloe Kim is an elite American snowboarder who has been referred to as "the future of women's snowboarding." With a title like that, you're definitely going to want to take note of what she brings to her workouts, amirite?

Kim tells Elite Daily she never leaves for the gym without packing water, deodorant, and her Nike shoes, leggings, and sports bra. Guess it's time to hit up the Nike outlet, y'all.

Amy Purdy Stays Squeaky Clean With Hand Sanitizer
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Amy Purdy is a Paralympic snowboarder, and you better believe being a double amputee does nothing to stop her from being an absolutely incredible athlete.

Purdy shares her workout bag essentials with Elite Daily, and she's got all the bases covered: lip gloss, hand sanitizer, a warm, off-the-shoulder cover-up, headphones, Dasani water or coconut water, a tool for her legs, and workout bands. This badass woman is goals to the max.

Maia And Alex Shibs Are A Dream Team Of Practical Products
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These American figure skating siblings may look cute from afar, but if you're competing with them on the ice, you better watch out.

In Maia's gym bag, you'll always find makeup wipes, headphones, hair ties, her Mophie phone case, and mints. Homegirl is practical AF, and I definitely dig it.

Alex, on the other hand, tells Elite Daily that he always makes sure he has his sneakers, phone charger, headphones, sunglasses, and painkillers. I mean, you've got to handle those occasional icy falls somehow, right?

Meghan Duggan Always Brings Her Journal To The Gym
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Meghan Duggan is an American ice hockey forward, and her skills on the ice are nothing short of epic.

As for her gym bag must-haves, Duggan tells Elite Daily she always leaves the house with Tiger Balm for aches and pains, Biofreeze (a topical that helps with sore muscles), chapstick, Nuun electrolyte tabs to keep her energy up, a bunch of headbands and hats to control flyaway hairs, and of course, her journal and a pen.

Honestly, journaling right after a workout sounds awesome, and I might just start taking notes from Duggan — literally.

Ashley Caldwell Is All About Those Extra Hair Ties
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Ashley Caldwell is a U.S. Olympic skier who was set back by a series of knee injuries for over two years, but now, she's come back to her sport feeling stronger than ever.

Caldwell tells Elite Daily she always makes sure to her pack her deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, her iPod and headphones, sunglasses, and extra hair ties. Honestly, a woman who comes prepared with extra hair ties is a woman I want to be best friends with. That sh*t is important, people.