10 Good Bumble Conversation Starters That Your Matches Won't Be Able To Resist

by Cosmo Luce

The worst-ever conversation starter I've ever received on a dating app was when some guy asked me, "You look too interesting to be on Tinder. Who broke up with whom?" Not only did his question lead me to rehashing my breakup — which had happened well over a year ago — but I also quickly realized that it was a pickup line he used on everybody. Good Bumble conversation starters are reserved for the matches you really want to talk to. If you use them too often, people will be able to tell that your conversation is canned.

You also want to tailor your conversation starters to match the vibes you get from a person's profile. You wouldn't tell someone what a cute dog they have if they were posing in a picture with their nephew. When you're beginning a conversation with someone, you want it to come off as fluid and natural as if you were speaking in person. That way, you can be sure that if the conversation stalls it's because they're an awkward texter — not you.

Here are some awesome things to say when you're having trouble coming up with the right words to catch your match's eye:

1. So Is It One Cup Of Rice To Two Cups Of Water Or The Opposite? I'm Having Trouble Remembering.

Obviously Google is a thing, but if you are making dinner, ask your Bumble match for some casual cooking advice. Better yet, ask them what their favorite meal is. It's all but inviting them to dinner. Plus, there's no better way to bond than over food.

2. What's Your Take On The Bladerunner Remake?

If they haven't seen the old Bladerunner, then it's a perfect opportunity to propose a double feature. Meet at the theater and if it all goes well, you can invite them back to your place to do a comparison viewing after.

3. What's Your Favorite Flavor Of Talenti Gelato?

Next time they're on sale, buy a whole stack and send your match a picture and tell them to come over. It works better than a sext.

4. What Are The Chances That Tom Hanks Will Be Our Next President?

If in doubt, say something outlandish and see if your Bumble match rises to the occasion. If you think someone is funnier than you are, that's usually a good sign.

5. Where Have You Been All Of This Time?

Starting off with a little bit of flirtatious familiarity gets your conversation off to a warm start. It shows that you are enthusiastic about your match and you're willing to put your feelings out there. Hopefully they're worthy of the same.

6. So Where Are We Going On Our First Date?

When you really don't have any more time to mess around on Bumble and just want to cut to the chase, just ask them to ask you out already. Worst case scenario, you both can leave.

7. Give Me Your Worst Pick-Up Line. I Want To Know Your Flaws.

This conversation opener definitely needs to be used on someone who strikes you as a little bit self-deprecating and able to take a joke. Otherwise, this primo content will fall flat on its face.

8. Is It More Memorable To Meet A New Person In Public Or Spend Hours Texting With A Stranger?

Obviously it's always better when you can just meet up with someone in the course of your everyday interactions, and that's why this conversation starter is so great. It prompts them to meet up with you sooner than later. Nothing is worse than a flirtatious interaction that never goes farther than the app.

9. Can You Lend Me A Hammer To Break Through All This Ice?

Look, I'm a fan of Dad jokes. I like receiving them and I like making them. Maybe your Bumble match does too.

10. What's Your Take On Bumble's Approach To Gender?

If you are using Bumble to date, let's just make sure that whoever you match with on Bumble understands that gender is a social construct — even if the app doesn't seem to make that nuance clear.

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