10 Funny Thanksgiving Memes That Truly Capture All Of Our Feels For The Holiday

by Tessa Harvey

Once Nov. 1 hits, many of us embrace those holiday feels like it's our job. We anticipate the countdown to Thanksgiving with smiles on our faces, because we look forward to the family time, the amazing food, and being blessed with a much-needed break from school. And as much as there's room for some political arguments and bickering in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, there's a whole lot of good that comes out of this amazing holiday. That's what makes funny Thanksgiving memes that have graced the internet truly speak to our souls.

From reuniting with your hometown crew, to your aunt showing up to the Thanksgiving festivities rocking an ugly Christmas sweater, Thanksgiving memes have it all, and most of the time, they're too good not to share. In fact, Twitter throughout the holiday season is at its true prime. Every other tweet is so funny it actually hurts. As a holiday blessing to you, I've put together some of the best ones. Go ahead and add it to the things you're grateful for, I'll wait.

So this Thanksgiving, gather round, kiddos. I have a story to share, or rather, a few stories — the stories of Thanksgivings come and gone (and the ones that are surely to be in our near future). So get tagging, because these 10 hilarious Thanksgiving memes are way too on point. You're welcome.

Thanksgiving Eve Festivities Never Disappoint
Mr Tumblr on Twitter

Let's get real here, if you're 21 and up, the bar scene is where it's at on Thanksgiving eve. Even if you might be a tad hungover the next day, when the topic turns political, it's definitely time to take a shot. And when the boys in the fam challenge each other to another arm wrestling contest? Shots!

Move Over, Miley
Sky Machine Creative on Twitter

OK, Miley has some serious competition with this one. Look out, Thomas Turkey, because we're all hoping your balance is on point. Butterball, for the win.

Typical Grandpa And Grandma
Ben 🍁 on Twitter

You gotta love your grandparents, right? But also, their sense of time is like, way, way whack. You know when you tell them dinner is at 4 p.m., and they are literally there before noon? Yep, all too relatable. I'll just be chilling in bed still hungover.

When The School Stress Starts To Get To You
Student Memes on Twitter

The nice thing about Thanksgiving is the break students get from a demanding college schedule. The not-so-nice thing? That pit in your stomach we all get when we procrastinate up until the last minute. Monday sure rolls around extremely fast.

That After Dinner Feeling
plotline on Twitter

Every Thanksgiving seems to end up like this. You finish eating, probably after having "just one more bite" of everything, only to realize you've hit the point of no return. In conclusion, you spend the rest of the day on the couch, in a food coma, unable to even stand up for the remote. But honestly, all of that food is totally worth it and we all know it to be true. Pass the sweet potatoes, please. Sorry, not sorry.

When The Rules Have Changed
NoWayGirl on Twitter

Kids first was fun when you were a kid, but now the fun and games are over, am I right? There's nothing worse than watching all of your little cousins file one by one through the food line knowing you're gonna be waiting dead last. Why are they so slow?! Also, do they have to take like all of the pumpkin pie?! Leave some for the rest of us.

When They Finally Pull Out The Desserts
Melanie Mineau on Twitter

You know that moment when you're stuffed from dinner and you're sure you can't have another bite? Don't bother lying to yourself, we all cave when someone decides it's time to pull out the homemade desserts. In fact, we'll push anyone over to be first in line for that apple crisp and vanilla ice cream.

When You Just Can't Leave The Squad Alone
stephanie on Twitter

So we all know Thanksgiving is about family time. We love the fam, and we appreciate the fam time. But also, we miss the squad. And face it, we all need to know what everyone is doing Friday and Saturday because it's a long weekend.

Your Dog Is Your Partner In Crime On Thanksgiving
Derek Lucas on Twitter

What better diversion when you're being bombarded with annoying questions from the relatives, than the family dog? He's always there when you need him. And let's face it, what better place to get rid of Aunt Mabel's fruit cake? You'll be happy, your dog will be happy, and Aunt Mabel will never even know.

That Pre-Thanksgiving Food Smell
Future Rock3r on Twitter

There's something heavenly about walking in the house and smelling all of the warm, homemade food. If you thought you were hungry before, you know you are now. And dinner is still... well, about three hours away.