10 Engagement Rings Like Scarlett Johansson’s, But Way Cheaper

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ICYMI, Scarlett Johansson is getting hitched again, folks. She's set to head down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend, Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost, and she’s going to do it in a ring you can see from space. It’s huge, and incredibly unique. Instead of opting for a traditional, clear, white diamond, this ring boasts a light-brown 11-carat diamond in a ceramic and yellow gold setting. The cut is also unexpected: a combination of pear and oval. It's pretty unique, but if this ring has inspired your own proposal aspirations, there are several engagement rings like Scarlett Johansson's that have some of the same elements— minus the price tag, of course. Let's be honest: Who's raking in that Marvel/ SNL cash flow?

Oh, did I forget to mention the value of that brilliant bobble? According to Alicia Davis, the VP of Merchandise at Shane Co., it was not cheap. "Scarlett's 11 carat light-brown diamond looks to be a spin on two stone shapes, mixing an oval and pear to create an elegant egg shape," Davis previously told Elite Daily. "We can estimate a ring like this to be priced over $400,000." Whew.

While the couple announced that they were engaged on May 19 through Johansson's publicist, the public didn't get a peek at the ring until July 20, during the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con. Frankly, it was worth the wait. Here’s a better view:

If you love this ring, but don’t have almost half a million dollars to drop, worry not: You still have options. Really affordable options, actually, especially if you consider other brown gemstones like smoky topaz and morganite, which are just as gorgeous but only a fraction of the price. Here are some options for similar rings to help get you started.

One of the coolest things about Johansson's ring is the unique angled setting. This ring captures some of that avant-garde vibe. The ring is hand-crafted in silver, coated with 18-karat gold, and features a smoky quartz gemstone.

Want your ring to make a statement? Well, the scale of this one says it all. This hand-crafted ring features a smoky topaz stone from Brazil in a silver setting.

The combination of smoky topaz and diamonds makes this ring a stunner. Both the scale of the gemstone and its unique, modern setting captures the beauty of Johansson’s ring. It can be made in yellow, white, or even rose gold, depending on your preference.

For those who have their heart set on a brown diamond, this beautiful, brown, rose-cut teardrop diamond ring is an affordable and gorgeous option. Made with 14-karat white gold and a 1.84-karat pear-shaped diamond, it’s a truly one-of-a-kind ring you’ll cherish for life.

There's really something to be said about simple, timeless elegance, like in this smoky quartz and sterling silver ring.

The peachy brown hue of this morganite stone is so stunning, I can’t take it. Set in a 14-karat white gold, the true star of the piece is that 4-karat gemstone from Brazil.

If sustainability is important to you, then this lab-grown smoky topaz in 14-karat gold has all the beauty and eco-friendliness you could ever want. Plus, it can be engraved to add an additional layer of uniqueness to an already incredibly special piece of jewelry.

If you love the color of Johansson's ring, but would prefer something a little more traditional, this ring really is the best of both worlds. A halo of white diamonds surround a brown rose-cut oval diamond, set in a 14-karat yellow gold.

This smoky quartz ring puts a little twist on the simple elegance of Johansson's ring with its marquise cut — geometrically chic and absolutely eye-catching.

This gorgeous rose-gold ring has a 4.9-karat morganite gemstone that's so stunning, you'll want to fall right into it. Set in 14-karat rose gold and surrounded by pavé diamonds on each side, it's both classic and totally unique.

You don't need to spend a mint just to rock a gorgeous brown stone on your wedding day. All that really matters is how much you love your ring, not what the price tag says.