10 Unbearably Cute Instagram Captions For Photos Of You, Bae, & Fall Leaves

All right, it's officially fall, and you're really about to step up your Instagram game. Between all of the seasonal activities you could do with your partner, just hanging around a bunch of leaves for a photo shoot is going to be pretty high up there. It's free, easy, and you'll get cute pictures to post. So you have the pictures, what's next? You'll need Instagram captions for leaf photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend to really rack up those likes. Because what's a good Instagram photo without an accompanying stellar caption? Nothing. That's what.

To choose your festive fall Instagram caption, it'll take some self-reflection. What is your usual caption game like? Do you do puns? Are you overly gushy about how much you love your partner? All things to consider when choosing the perfect caption. Next, think of emojis. Do you like the little icons to add some flavor to your caption game? These are essential to consider. If you need help selecting a caption for your photo, no worries, I got you. I thought of punny, sweet, and clever Instagram captions so you can just go ahead and post. Read on for captions to post with your best autumn leaves pic.

You Could Go The Silly Route

Show off you and your partner's casually witty vibes by sharing a punny leaf-themed caption that touts your sense of humor. Because what's a clever post if you can't nonchalantly show off how #CoupleGoals you two are from the photo down to the words? Consider one of these:

  • "Leafin' it up with my best bud. 🍂"
  • "I guess she just can't leaf me alone. 🤷"
  • "Beleaf it or not, he has definitely fallen for me."
  • "Leafin' summer behind with my best friend."
You Could Opt For A Little More Sugary-Sweet Pun

Do you and your partner like to keep your captions totally gushy about each other while professing your deep, undying, everlasting love? I mean, whatever floats your boat... or um, bobs your apple? Maybe you want to go with one of the following:

  • "I can't leaf without him."
  • "So releafed I get to spend all fall with this gal."
  • "It's unbeleafable how much I love this one."
Or Just Stick To A Fall-Themed Caption That'll Do The Job

Want to stick your leaves photo with your partner in a photo album on Insta and need a more generic caption that's relevant to all the pictures? Or you're not super big on the puns in general and want a more fall-themed caption? No worries, got you covered. Maybe use one of these captions:

  • "Falling for him every single day. 🍂"
  • "Cuffed a good one. ❤️💛"
  • "Who needs a PSL when you have someone as sweet as her? ☺️"

Well, after thinking of all that fall cuteness for couples, I might just go get my own pumpkin spice latte for my own bit of sweetness for myself. Happy fall, y'all.

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