10 Cute Couples' Ornaments For You & Your Partner That Are Actually So Freaking Adorable

My partner and I have a holiday tradition where, each year, we both pick out a personal ornament, and then, we pick out a cute couples' ornaments together. Does that seem a little over the top? Fair, but hey, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and I don't do anything understated when it comes to this time of year. Yep, in everything from decorating to the presents I hand-make to the mountain of cookies I bake, I go all the way out because I just can't get enough of that Christmas spirit.

So, as you can imagine (not-so-humble-brag), my Christmas tree looks freaking awesome. It's covered in ornaments that each hold a special memory of past holidays that I cherish. Clearly, I take my ornaments seriously, which is why there is one thing about couples' ornaments that I don’t dig: Most of them are cheesy AF and make me want to barf. As corny as I am about Christmas in general, I actually have a very low ceiling for cutesy holiday stuff. As you can imagine, that can make tracking down that perfect ornament to add to my collection each year like finding a needle in a "Precious Moments" and "His and Hers Glittery Snowman" haystack. Sigh.

The good news is that there are some great ones out there if you know where to look. Here are 10 of my favorite couples' ornaments this year that are totally adorable, without making you want to gag.

1. For The Perfect Pair

This ornament is perfect for any couple who think of themselves as great on their own, but magic when they are together.

2. For The Other Pea In Your Pod

Feel like you're so in love, you've become one organism, but with too creepy faces? Look no further than this peas-in-a-pod ornament. It's just so weird, I kind of love it.

3. For The Weirdos In Love

Forget dreaming of a white Christmas. I'm dreaming of cocktails on the beach with my starfish bae.

4. For The Perfect Significant Otter In Your life

Shut up, this is too cute! And perfect for any couple of significant otters who just want to spend life floating together hand in hand.

5. For Your Epic Romance

I mean, who doesn't want to be Han and Leia? Also, if this is your first couples' ornament, the low-key but powerful romance in this is a great way to ease in.

6. For The Couple With The Purr-fect Union

OK, so full disclosure: My partner and I are what you might call, um, cat people. And by that, I mean we have cats, we talk to our cats, our vacations often involve going to see various cats around the globe, and we have a portrait of ourselves as cats on the mantle. Sound familiar? If you're a cat couple, you pretty much need these ornaments. And if you're not? Hurry up and get on our level. Cats rule. Ahem. Moving on...

7. For The Long-Distance Lovers

Just because your romance spans time zones, doesn't mean you can't get in on the couples' ornaments fun. Send you partner the one with your location and keep theirs. That way, even if they aren't with you on Christmas morning, they still kind of will be.

8. For The Couple Who Knows What's Up

Was there a greater love story than Carl and Ellie's in UP. No. The answer to that question is no. Hence, their adventure book is both a great couples' ornament and #CouplesGoals in general.

9. For Remembering Where It All Began

Is this your first Christmas together? Did you just tie the knot or celebrate an anniversary? Immortalize a special moment where you feel like it all really began for you with the location coordinates. It may just look like letters and numbers to others, but it will be that much more special to you.

10. For The Grinch Who Stole Your Heart

When you first met, were you just a couple of Grinches who(ville) suddenly felt your hearts grow three times the size that day? Well, then, I guess you need these, right?

So, the question is, which set of ornaments is going to end up on your tree this year?

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