These Cropped Sweatshirts & Hoodies Are The Coziest Way To Nail The Athleisure Trend

Urban Outfitters // Zara

Thanks to athleisure, wearing sporty staples out is not only acceptable but it's actually encouraged. It's a trend that will seemingly never die, and I am so here for it. You can get in on the look via cropped sweatshirts and hoodies, which are not only cozy AF during winter months, but are also super easy to wear and boast a stylized look. If you believe that comfort is key when you get dressed in the morning, but you still want to look trendy, they'll be your secret sartorial weapon.

Whether you prefer to rock branded athleisure styles or prefer those that are sporty just in silhouette, there'll be a cropped sweatshirt for you. From vibrant colorful options featuring flared arms or creative pockets to boxier iterations boasting streetwear brand names and racing stripes, the options are endless. Pair them with your favorite mom jeans and sneakers for a super casual look, or wear them with a high waisted leather skirt and heeled booties for a cool nighttime outfit. They also make for excellent PJs and lazy day uniforms — basically, they're the chameleon of clothing.

Shop 10 of the best options out there and make yourself comfortable.

Earn Your Stripes

Yes, this would fit right in at the gym, but it would also look rad with a white pleather skirt and some low top vans.

Fuzzy Feelings

The fact that this hoodie is made of velour only makes it that much cozier. It's also got a super sporty vibe and definitely has a '90s feel to it.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I don't think it would be possible to wear this and not feel happy.

Yarning For You

This sweatshirt has definitely got a more fashion and less sporty vibe, thanks to the artistic pattern made from yarn across its front. You could pair this with anything and it would look good, but it'd be especially chic with a pair of oatmeal trousers.

Up In Arms

I love a good statement silhouette, and the balloon sleeves on this top give it just that.

Got The Blues

Cropped hemline and cropped sleeves — a sartorial dream team? The touch of white embroidery adds a cute flair to this ultra comfy crewneck.

With Flare

The first thing you undoubtedly notice about this option, other than its bright yellow hue, is the fact that it has super flared arms. Its cropped hemline balances them out perfectly, while a giant envelope pocket on the front adds another cool detail. This would look ace with boyfriend jeans.

I'm Blushing

The super relaxed fit and slight sheen of this sweatshirt combine to make for a chic yet chilled out style.

Red Hot

The zip-up neck, the elasticized hemlines, the branded arm stripes — it all comes together in an awesome streetwear inspired style. This is an option that could pair with anything effortlessly.

Grape Expectations

I would wear this from Friday night straight through Monday morning, because it looks that comfortable. Do you disagree?