10 Couples Halloween Costumes From The Best Movies Of 2017

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There have been so many times when I'm watching a movie and think to myself that the best part of being an actor must be dressing up in the amazing costumes. My mind boggles at the number of incredible garments out there that you just don’t get to wear as a normal everyday person. Like, they look at you crazy if you come strolling into a Starbucks in full Daenerys Targaryen regalia. Or so I’ve heard from people... who've done it... and are definitely not me. Ahem. But one of the many reasons couples Halloween costumes are amazing is that it’s the one day of the year when you and your partner can wear anything. Period costumes, superheroes, monsters, inanimate objects (keep reading, you'll see) — whatever you want to put on your bod, you can. In fact, it’s encouraged. The only limits are your imagination and maybe your crafting skills.

So, as you can imagine, I spend a lot of the year thinking about what I want to dress up as with my partner, and I get a ton of inspiration from the movies. So, if you're still scrambling to come up with what you and your boo want to wear on Halloween, I’ve got you covered. Here are some cinematically inspired ideas of "couples" from some of the best movies to come out this year.

1. Rey & Luke From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey Costume, $60, Spirit Halloween | Luke Costume, $60, Party City

Did y’all catch that Last Jedi trailer? Oh my god, Rey is a bad ass with that light saber. OK, enough fan-girling out. If, like me, you’ve spent the last couple of years perfecting her triple bun hairdo, then now is your chance to show it off. Plus, let’s face it, your partner has being dying to dress up as Luke since, ya know, birth. May the Halloween force be with you.

2. Lorraine & Delphine From Atomic Blonde

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This year’s hottest queer movie couple (if you don’t count the entire population of Themyscira, that is) has got to go to Lorraine and Delphine in Atomic Blonde. To achieve this sapphic spin on 007, you’ll need to do a little DIY. For Loraine’s costume, you’ll need a black one-shoulder body con dress, black hosiery, black high heel ankle boots, and a blonde wavy wig. For Delphine, it’s a black and white striped shirt, black body con mini skirt, black thigh highs, a choker necklace, and top it off with an embellished black leather jacket.

3. Baby & Debora From Baby Driver

This year’s coolest onscreen couple is, hands down, Baby and Debora from Baby Driver. You’re not going to be able to find these costumes at your local costume shop, but you can pull it together pretty easily. For bonus points, you’ll want to wear these costumes year round. Debora’s costume is just a cute retro waitress dress and sheepskin lined denim jacket. For Baby, you’ll need the varsity style jacket, a white tee, black wayfarers, jeans, and black shoes. If you really want to get authentic, add a scar using some wax and, of course, you’ll need some ear buds.

4. Buddy & Darling From Baby Driver

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While Baby and Debora may be the central romance in this flick, the true love story has to be between Baby Driver’s Buddy and Darling, who are just as passionate as they are dangerous. Besides, it’s Halloween, and what better day to indulge your dark side? To create your Darling costume, you’ll need a pink body con dress, pink furry jacket, and hoop earrings. For buddy, you’ll want to pick up a blue polo, black jeans and a super cool suede motorcycle jacket. And, of course, the costume for these bank robbers wouldn’t be complete without a couple of toy uzis.

5. Diana Prince & Steve Trevor From Wonder Woman

If together Diana and Steve can take down the god of war, then surely no Halloween party costume contestant has a chance of defeating you. You can either opt for picking up Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor costumes, or mix it up with by putting together you own DIY “Diana and Steve in disguise” costumes. Either, way you look super… Get it?… Because she’s a super hero? Ahem. OK, moving on…

6. Drax & Mantis From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Don’t get me wrong, Starlord and Gamora are cute and all, but my fave Guardians couple has to be Drax and Mantis. Yes, the unlikely yet heartwarming duo that find each other physically repulsive are this year’s American sweethearts. Aww. Who said romance is dead?

Drax costumes are available, but you'll have to get a bit more crafty with Mantis. You'll need a pair of green and black leggings, a green tank top, fingerless gloves, and boots. Top it off with a black and green ombre wig and antenna.

7. Ruth & Tony From I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore


Want to go a little more subtle, indie, and full of righteous indignation? How about Ruth and Tony before things go sideways and really, really bloody? To get your Ruth on, you’ll just need an aqua plaid button up, jean jacket with pins on the pocket flap, and some jeans. To become Tony, it starts with a navy mock turtle neck, grey cargo pants, topped of with a black leather bomber jacket, aviator glasses, and foam nunchucks.

8. Jessie & The Headboard From Gerald’s Game


Hey, I have a great idea, how about you dress as a woman stuck handcuffed to a bed when her hubby dies in the middle of a kinky love sesh? OK, stay with me here. Sometimes, when it comes to couples costumes, you want to think a little outside the box. Besides, it’s Halloween, and if you’re not allowed some dark humor then, when are you? Plus, this costume gets bonus points for giving you an excuse to handcuff yourself to your partner in public. Not to mention, it’s easy to pull together. You’ll just need a blue nightie for Jessie, a brown full body suit for the headboard, and couple of novelty handcuffs to link you together.

9. Pennywise & Georgie From IT

I love horror movies and this year has been a great one for scary movies, so why not dress up with your partner as this year’s best horror film (that isn’t Get Out, because wow, would that be inappropriate), IT? You could opt for Bev and Bill, but I have something a littler darker in mind: Pennywise and Georgie! For Pennywise, you could go classic or remake, and for Georgie costume you’ll just need a hooded yellow rain coatrain boots, and maybe a red ballon.

10. Thor & Valkyrie From Thor: Ragnarok

OK, so it’s not technically out yet, but I feel pretty confident saying that Thor: Ragnarok is going to be one of this year’s best movies. Why? Two words: Taika Waititi. That man couldn’t make a bad movie if he tried. But also because dressing up as Valkyrie sounds awesome. Thor is cool and all, but mostly it’s about Valkyrie.

Pick any of these options and you’ll be crushing #couplescostumegoals this year.

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