10 Bold Messages To Send Your Bumble Match That Will Definitely Get Their Attention

Online dating — it seems like it would be so easy. Just a swipe here and there and then, ta-dah! You matched. All done, happily ever after, etc., right? Yeah, not so much. Matching with someone is the easy part; it's what comes next that gets tricky: the conversation. If you’re like me, making small talk and being clever with a stranger (especially a hot one) can be super intimidating — and with Bumble, it’s pretty much on you to get the ball rolling. So in that case, having some go-to messages to send your Bumble match will make that easier.

Even then, though, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. To this, I say: Be bold. If you want to get their attention, then ask something that will make you hard to ignore. Personally, I am always intrigued by people who are confident, cheeky, and not afraid to really go for it. So if you find yourself stuck without anything to say to your new match, I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 questions to send them to get a peek inside their head and make sure they wont be able to resist hitting that reply button.

1. Do You Find Girls Who Make The First Move Intimidating? Or Are You Into That?

My guess is if they’re on Bumble, they are OK with women taking some control, but it’s probably good to weed out the ones who don’t — and the ones who will appreciate your assertiveness are the ones who will reply.

2. Where Is Your Favorite Place To Be Kissed?

It could be on their bod or geographical. Either way, you’re gonna wanna know this eventually, right?

3. Ever Been To Jail?

You may think this seems like a crazy question to ask right off the bat, but as someone who regularly asks her dates this, you’ll be surprised how often the answer catches you off-guard. Or maybe that's just my luck. Either way, it's good to know if there's a criminal history, right?

4. So, Do I Look Like Your Next Girlfriend?

Well, do you? It's a great way to find out if you're their type and if they are just looking for a hookup or something more, with just one bold question.

5. How Adventurous Are You? Examples And Receipts, Please.

If your idea of adventurous is eating spicy food and theirs is paragliding, it might be good to know before they plan the first date. Or you may end up in a small plane with a man in a parachute strapped to your back wondering, "Wait, how did I get here again?" like I did. True. Story.

6. How Would You Prefer Me To Ask You Out? Passively? Or Aggressively? ;)

Hey, if they can't handle a take-charge kind of lady, they should have stuck to Tinder. Or the 1950s.

7. If You Won A Trip For Two To Anywhere In The World, Where Would We Go?

Are you an exotic traveller or do you prefer a spa weekend in Vegas? It's a good way to see if you are compatible travelers and if you share the same desire to see the world.

8. What's Your Definition Of A Good Person?

I don't know about you, but I definitely have some pretty specific ideas in mind about the answer to this question. You can find out pretty quickly if you are on the same page when you ask what values they consider to be important in a "good" person.

9. On A Scale Of Living The Dream To Full On Existential Crisis, How’s Life?

You want to know what you're getting yourself into with this person, right? Like if they are in a full existential crisis, do you really want to take that on? Also, you can get an idea of if they are a positive or negative person. You can miss me on all that negativity, bro.

10. What Is Your Most Controversial Opinion?

I'm just saying, if they say that global warming is a hoax, Wonder Woman was overrated, or that cats suck, you may want to bumble on out of that conversation.

No matter how they answer, one thing is for sure: If you ask your Bumble matches these bold questions, you'll definitely stand out.

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