10 Birthday Date Ideas For Fire Signs That’ll Totally Warm Their Hearts

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The fire signs of the zodiac — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — have a well-earned reputation for being passionate and exciting partners. These signs have no shortage of confidence and believe in living life to its fullest. The one thing they all fear, though, is boredom. They're doers who rarely look before they leap and aren't afraid to follow their bliss. This means that if your fire sign's big day is coming up, you're going to want to think about ways to stimulate their mind and body when considering birthday date ideas for fire signs.

When planning a birthday date for a fire sign, don't be afraid to think outside the box — and the house. While many of their favorite activities probably aren't doable during a pandemic, as fire signs tend to be super-social, a little imagination and careful planning can still make their birthday extra special. Consider ways that you can activate their mind and body by either finding activities they already enjoy and may be missing, or by trying something new to expand their world view. Most of all, though, just make it fun, as these warmhearted signs mainly appreciate having a good time with the one they love. Need some ideas? No worries. Here's some birthday inspiration that'll put the happy in your birthday date celebration.

1. Hiking and a picnic.

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Chances are your fire sign date is dying to get back out into nature, particularly Aries and Sagittarius who feel especially connected to the outdoors. Fortunately, hiking offers an easy way to both social distance and make your fire sign's birthday feel really special. Just make sure to grab some picnic supplies, and even a couple surprise birthday cupcakes, to make the celebration complete.

2. Throw them a karaoke party for two (or more).

While your fire sign usually feels like the star of their own show, celebrating them with a little bit of karaoke really puts them in the spotlight. You just need a karaoke mic and then to find the vocal-free versions of their favorite songs on YouTube. If you want to make it a full-on karaoke party, you can use Watch2Gether along with Zoom to make sure that you're all in sync, then hand your birthday babe the mic.

3. Secluded weekend getaway.

Nothing beats a change of scenery to make a fire sign's birthday feel like a real celebration, but heading to crowded tourist spots just isn't safe at the moment. Instead, a romantic, cozy, and secluded locale is the way to go. Rent a cabin in the woods, a desert retreat, or even a house with a backyard where you can relax and fire up the BBQ safely away from others outside your bubble.

4. A virtual escape room.

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Whether you're spending quarantine with your fire sign date or having to remain socially distant, a virtual room escape is a fun way to ring in their birthday. Fire signs love a challenge, so solving puzzles and getting lost in the world of an escape room will make them feel like a kid again, particularly Aries who loves to be playful. Plus, the two of you working together is a great way to bond even if you can't be together IRL.

5. Rent a swimming pool.

Some of the best birthdays are swim parties! If you think that's off the table this year, think again. There's actually a hospitality site made just for renting private swimming pools by the hour called Swimply. You can browse all the nearby swimming pools and pick the one that speaks to you. Many also have great spots to relax poolside or even fire up a grill.

6. Have a beach bonfire.

If you're near a body of water that allows bonfires, this can be a very romantic and socially distant way to celebrate a birthday. And hello, your fire sign's going to love it. Instead of a birthday cake, you can make s’mores then snuggle up by the fire.

7. Take them on a road trip.

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Fire signs crave adventure, so a day road trip is both a great way to celebrate and a birthday gift, all in one. Plan out a day of driving with various socially distanced stops along the way. Pack a lunch and snacks so you can pause and take in the scenery while having a bite to eat, then head out to your next destination.

8. Go camping for the night.

The whole point of camping is to get away from it all, so it makes an ideal date night for fire signs who love connecting with nature, especially Sagittarius who's likely dying for the chance to love you up under the stars.

9. Global tasting menu.

You might not be able to jet-set around the world at the moment, but nothing's stopping you from bringing the world home for your fire sign on their birthday. First off, plan out a tasting menu with treats around the world. Then make them yourself, together, or just place a bunch of DoorDash deliveries — whatever your fire sign would enjoy most — and treat them to a culinary vacation.

10. Break out the Kama Sutra.

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Fire signs are both adventurous and passionate, and what combines those two traits better than cracking open the Kama Sutra and trying a few new things together? Sometimes the only birthday fireworks your fire sign's craving are the ones that'll be going off in bed.

Fire signs love to try, learn, and experience new things, so any of these dates will make them feel like they're really celebrating. But more than anything, these warmhearted signs will appreciate the effort and thought that went into making their day special. It'll make them feel loved and appreciated, and that's what they want and need most of all.

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