Etsy's Custom Halloween Costumes Will Legit Make You Look EXACTLY Like All Your Fave Characters

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Etsy

As you probably already know, Etsy is a goldmine for unique, custom-made crafts, gifts, jewelry, decor — basically anything you could ever want. When I think of Etsy, I think of it as the digital version of all the craft fairs that my mom used to drag me to when I was younger. You know, the ones that smelled like potpourri with vendors that sell all sorts of country home decor, toys for children, glassware, and literally anything else? Well, with thousands on thousands of creations by vendors from all over the world, it's no wonder that some of the best Halloween costumes are from Etsy, too.

From tailor-made costumes that include the most intricate details to help you get into character to custom-made t-shirts that are the perfect costume for people who don't care about going overboard for Halloween, let's just say Etsy is a goldmine. Lucky for you, I've rounded up the best Halloween costumes from Etsy that you still have plenty of time to order just in time for that party you're supposed to dress up for.

Carrie Bradshaw

Dark Angel

Netflix & Chill

Karen From Mean Girls

Cher From Clueless

The Hundred Acre Wood

The Hulk

Funky Skeleton

Damien From Mean Girls

The Little Mermaid