Courtesy of Etsy

10 Best Halloween Costumes From Etsy That'll Make You Look EXACTLY Like Your Fave Character

As you probably already know, Etsy is a goldmine for unique, custom-made crafts, gifts, jewelry, decor — basically anything you could ever want. When I think of Etsy, I think of it as the digital version of all the craft fairs that my mom used to drag me to when I was younger. You know, the ones that smelled like potpourri with vendors that sell all sorts of country home decor, toys for children, glassware, and literally anything else? Well, with thousands on thousands of creations by vendors from all over the world, it's no wonder that some of the best Halloween costumes are from Etsy, too.

From tailor-made costumes that include the most intricate details to help you get into character to custom-made t-shirts that are the perfect costume for people who don't care about going overboard for Halloween, let's just say Etsy is a goldmine. Lucky for you, I've rounded up the best Halloween costumes from Etsy that you still have plenty of time to order just in time for that party you're supposed to dress up for.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex And The City" costume


Are you a Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha all other 364 days of the year, but want to take Halloween as an opportunity to channel Carrie? If so, you can snag the outfit that Carrie wore in the opening credits of "Sex And The City" on Etsy right now. this costume includes the tulle skirt, the pink tank top, and the gold-plated "Carrie" necklace — you'll just have to add your own Manolo Blahniks (or, you know, Zara heels).

Dark Angel

Angel Wings Costume


If being extra AF is your Halloween vibe, then you won't experience any buyer's remorse after purchasing these truly ginormous angel wings. Whether you want to be a Victoria's Secret angel, a dark fallen angel, or a heavenly angel, wings this size will certainly gain plenty of attention — just be sure not to knock over the punch bowl.

Netflix & Chill

Netflix and Chill Couples Costume ($16 each)


For the chill, low-key couple who'd rather be at home watching Netflix than out partying in a massive group of people, this "Netflix and Chill" costume is funny, simple, and won't leave people questioning, "So, what are you?"

Karen From Mean Girls

I'm A Mouse, Duh Halloween Costume

If you're a "Mean Girls" fan looking to channel Karen Smith's mouse costume, this shirt makes it very simple for people to realize what you're dressed up as. Just throw on a pair of mouse ears and your costume will be complete.

Cher From Clueless

Cher from "Clueless" Yellow Tartan Plaid Costume


As if I could scroll past this perfectly executed Cher Horowitz costume on Etsy and not include it on this list. To accompany the yellow plaid blazer and skirt combo, you'll just need some knee-high socks and an old-school flip-phone, you'll be sure to look like a total Betty.

The Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Costumes ($14 each)


For a simple group costume that every person included is bound to love, you can remake the crew of the Hundred Acre Wood. Extra points to the person who takes on Winnie The Pooh and carries a pot of honey around with them on Halloween.

The Hulk

She Hulk Leggings


In my opinion, the best kind of Halloween costumes are the ones that you can wear all 364 other days of the year, too. For the strong woman who wants to channel the Hulk, these leggings can be worn as a Halloween costume or as workout gear.

Funky Skeleton

Skeleton Bodysuit


If vulnerability isn't easy for you, what better way to work on being bold than by wearing a Halloween costume that shows the world (or the Halloween party, at least) the bright, cartoon version of your insides. This skeleton bodysuit is also at the top of the list of most comfortable costumes.

Damien From Mean Girls

She Doesn't Even Go Here! Hoodie


If there is one lesson to be learned from "Mean Girls," it's that there are two types of girls on Halloween: those who opt for a sultry costume and those who don't. If dressing up as a sexy version of an animal isn't your thing, then maybe dressing up as Damien will be. This sweatshirt featuring the famous line from the movie — "She doesn't even go here!" — will go over really well with fellow "Mean Girls" fans.

The Little Mermaid

Adult Mermaid Costume


For those who live their best lives believing they're mermaids every other day of the year, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as the most majestic mermaid — fins and shell bra included.