10 Women In Their 20s Reveal Their Most Game-Changing Dating App Tips

I can't claim to be an expert on finding true love, but I know one thing for certain — dating app skills are a must-have when you're looking for that special someone. If you’ve been single anytime in the last few years, chances are you’ve dabbled in app dating (or at least watched over your friend’s shoulder as she swiped through her Tinder matches). I’ve always found that world a bit daunting, but I have friends who seem to know just how to craft the perfect message or snag that great first date. I'm often asking for their best dating app tips, and they've helped me spruce up my profile and think smarter about who I'm swiping right on. Honestly, it’s improved my success rate.

As a woman in my 20s, I know my dating app profile is super important. It’s great to have the ability to meet so many people with just a swipe of the thumb, but it can also feel super overwhelming at times! Many women are pros at navigating dating apps with ease, and I knew they’d have tips to share about how they find great prospective partners. With a little practice (and some insider knowledge from these ladies), you can become a certified expert at dating online. Open up your profile and get ready to swipe right, because you’re about to feel more confident than ever.

Feel The Music
I always ask people their top three songs — music is super personal, and you can see where their heads are at. Like this one guy, all his music was super dark and creepy, and I was like, 'pass!' even though his pic was super cute.

— Haley, 24

Go For It
Don’t be afraid to be the first to reach out!

— Valerie, 24

Get Specific
Mention one to two things that are really easy for anyone to comment on (tacos, beer, The Office) and one to two things that are much more obscure but very important to you (your favorite book/movie/etc.) That way, almost anyone has something to talk about when they message you—but if someone shares your super obscure passion, you know immediately you have someone really great.

— Victoria, 24

Keep It Real
Be straight up with the person you’re talking to! If you don’t tell them you’re only looking to hook up, they’re not going to know that. Same goes for the opposite!

— Patty, 24

Be Yourself
My bio includes the line, 'BTW, don't worry, that's not my girlfriend in the third pic.' I put it in because it’s funny, and it gets people to swipe through my pictures! It’s also a little surprising, so hopefully it makes an impression. If you're funny and weird in real life, don't be afraid to be funny and weird on Tinder, too.

— Julia, 20

Do What Feels Right
Check in with yourself about if you are wanting to really meet people from there. If you do, great, get swiping! Hone in on one or two people to talk with, and make your plans one you’ve talked for a bit. If you don’t really want to meet people, consider what you want before logging in and swiping, because I found that this is what burnt me out on dating. I got really exhausted because I was always swiping and talking and going on a date here and there, because I didn’t check in with myself to really understand what I was looking for. Now that I do, they’re a helpful tool!

— Hannah, 23

Get Out There
Actually go on dates! The whole point of the app is a tool to meet people. I never understood why people would go on them just for attention and talk in circles but never meet. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and have that ‘get to know you’ convo in person, so be bold and be the first one to ask someone out after just a few exchanges. I got lucky and found someone great on a first date, but hey, if it’s horrible, you’ll have a great story to laugh with your girlfriends about after!

— Mackenzie, 23

Yes Or No
The hell yes/no rule of thumb: If after a first date you aren’t saying ‘hell yes’ to a second date, then it’s a ‘hell no.’ He can be a perfectly nice person, but still not be your person. Reserve your energy and second dates for your person.

— Hillary, 26

Don't Give Up
Patience is key! More likely than not you are going to have to swipe and swipe and swipe for a good while. It can me exhausting, ego crushing, and truly a second job. You’ll go on some good dates and some 'what in God’s green Earth was I thinking' dates; however, it just takes the right, right swipe to change everything. Coming from experience (AKA currently seeing someone I’m excited about), apps can and do work! Just keep swiping!

— Caroline, 28

You Do You
Don't take tips or advice too seriously. Don't worry and stress about, 'What kind of pictures do guys like? Does this make me sound weird?' Ultimately you want to find someone that likes you for you. So just be you and do what makes you happy!

— Morgan, 22

What matters most is that you're putting yourself out there in a way that feels authentic. Every person has a different idea about what that looks like, and that's OK! You'll have the greatest success on dating apps (and dating IRL) when you're being fully yourself, regardless of what anyone else tells you to do. Take these tips to heart, and use them as you please — but at the end of the day, girl, you do you!