10 Awkward AF Moments That Are Bound To Happen To You In Your 20s

If there's anything that's guaranteed to go down in your 20s, it's that awkward moments unexpectedly decide to have a field day with your life. I know, as if you didn't already have enough going on in this decade, right? Well, the world is just getting started with you, so strap in for those awkward moments that happen to everyone in their 20s.

So, what is "awkward" exactly? Remember that time when it felt like all of the blood that should have been circulating throughout your entire body, winded up in your cheeks? You probably wanted to run, or play possum so that moment would pass faster. It definitely didn't, though.

There are so many avenues that lead to awkward moments, and by the time you're out of your 20s, you'll feel like you've conquered them all. I mean, if you really think about it, how could your 20s not be filled with a cringe-worthy scenario or two? Alas, they happen to the best of us.

The trick is to laugh them off and take them for what they are. Seriously, if you decide to get tied in a knot every time something awkward happens to you in your 20s, then impersonating a pretzel is going to be your side hustle. So, let those awkward times do what they do (as embarrassing as they may be), because it's only a matter of time before any of these 10 things happen.

When Your Doctor Asks You Questions You Don't Know, So You Have To Call Your Mom

To be fair, your parents were likely responsible for your check-ups and health-related affairs. It's awkward as heck not knowing those obvious details about yourself, like whether or not you've had chicken pox before. You'll get it together eventually.

When You Have A Full Convo With Someone Without Catching Their Name

This happens more times than you think. This person may have introduced themselves in the beginning of the conversation, and it totally blew over your head. It's either the semi-shame or pride in you that can't muster up the courage to ask them to repeat who the heck they are. Oops!

When You Accidentally Curse In Front Of Your Parents

Oh, the horror. Cursing in front of your parents not only summons a full-blown convo about respect, but you feel a tad embarrassed as well. Your parents taught you all kinds of words, but they likely skipped over the profane ones.

When You Raise Your Hand To Speak Because You're So Used To A School Setting

When you land that first big job, you want to be as professional as possible. You're ready to share an idea, and all of a sudden you're that student once again sitting at your desk raising your hand. What the heck? Those school vibes are hard to shake, and unfortunately, you'll have a few mishaps along the way.

When You Forget Your Roommate Has Guests Over And You Walk In Looking Like A Hot Mess

Your 20s is likely going to include roommates at some point, and that means having an understanding of each other's schedule. But you're only human, and you totally forgot your roommate has friends over and you walk out in worn-out PJs and bunny slippers. SOS.

When You Wore That Shirt With The Tag Still On It To Work

So, you picked out your clothes the night before, and you're super excited to rock that new sweater you bought online. Everything's cool until your coworker bursts your bubble and points out that life-ruining black and white tag beneath your armpit. Is the world on fire, or has awkwardness sent hot flashes throughout your entire body? It's hard to tell.

When Social Media Reveals Your Little White Lie

Ditching plans or taking a "sick" day from work will probably happen once or twice. You'll be so infatuated by your alternative plans, that you'll forget you probably shouldn't post the entire day on Snapchat. So, everyone (including coworkers who follow you) know all about what you decided to do instead. *Gulp.*

When You Try To Send A Cute Message To Bae, But Then Siri Ruins Everything

Oh, Siri. In a matter of seconds, Siri can turn your cute attempt to communicate with your boo into absolute misery. With her sidekick, aka, auto correct, she turned your "Hey, baby" to "Hey, Abby" and opened a whirlwind of problems if your partner wants to know who the heck Abby is.

When You Press "Send" On An Email With A Huge Typo In It

That one time you decided not to re-read your email will be the time you send something with a huge typo. This could be to your boss, your professor, or to an entire group of people. There's a little bit of a lesson in this which you can choose to learn after your heart rate finds normalcy again.

When You Drive Off With Something Sitting On The Top Of Your Car

You're rushing and you leave your perfectly-made cup of coffee on top of your car while you loaded everything else. You don't even know you've made a crucial error until the sound of it hitting your back window scares the crap out of you. Hopefully, you have pretty efficient windshield wipers.

Your 20s will come and go, but not without introducing you to the most awkward moments of all time. Don't worry; they're only temporary.