The World's Oldest Living Cat Just Turned 125 In Human Years (Photos)

The oldest living cat on Earth has had yet another birthday.

Daily Mail reports that the short-haired tortoiseshell known as Tiffany Two was just 6 weeks old when she was purchased by Sharon Voorhees at a pet shop for $10.

She was born in San Diego on March 13, 1988, making her 27 years old -- the equivalent to 125 human years.

The cat, who spends most of her days indoors, gets her name from another tortoiseshell cat Voorhees had over three decades ago.

According to Guinness World Records' official website, the previous record-holder was Poppy, who died last year the age of 24.

Tiffany Two is surprisingly active for her age, Voorhees says, with high blood pressure being the only health problem she faces.

Her senses of sight and hearing have yet to fail her, and she can even conquer staircases without trouble.

The cat's longevity has additionally made her completely fearless.

Voorhees said,

She's not afraid of anything or anyone. She walks right past the dogs, she's very feisty!

Tiffany Two probably also owes some of her confidence to the two years she spent on her own.

A few years ago, the cat took off, and Voorhees still has no idea where she traveled to or how she survived.

Tiffany Two now needs to hang on for a little over 10 years to become the oldest cat that ever lived.

Creme Puff from Texas currently maintains that record, dying in 2005 just a few days after turning 38.

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