The World's First 'MDMA Shop' Is Open For Just One Day This Week

by Gillian Fuller

Amsterdam may have been one of the first places to allow recreational marijuana use, so it makes sense the European city would also be among the first advocate the legalization of hard drugs.

However, many in the largely liberal Netherlands still oppose the legalization of hard drugs and believe the inherent dangers would outweigh any benefits.

To publicize the need for regulation of substances such as MDMA and ecstasy, the Dutch Liberal Democrats youth wing opened an "MDMA shop" in Amsterdam to sell Molly and ecstasy.

The catch: They're not actually selling drugs, yet. Placebos of the popular party pill and powder will be sold.

The liberal group argues legalization will not only allow the government to make the drugs safer, but it will also put dangerous street dealers out of business.

The goal is to show how in-demand the substances are, highlighting how many are affected by these street drugs and how they could also stand to benefit from regulation.

Open for one day only, the pop-up placebo shop launched in conjunction with a legalization petition drafted by the Dutch Liberal Democrats group.

The group hopes to collect at least 40,000 signatures, enough to bring the petition (which calls for legalization of party drugs) to official debate in Parliament.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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