Two Women Inspired By ISIS Arrested For 'Trying To Make Bomb' In NYC

Two women have been arrested for planning to construct an explosive device in New York City.

According to ABC News, the two women, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui, are in their 20s and 30s and had been radicalized by both ISIS propaganda and online activities.

According to the FBI, however, an attack would have never occurred as the agency was conducting an extensive undercover operation on the two.

The suspects, who allegedly intended to build a bomb using propane tanks, will appear in federal court in Brooklyn later today.

This is the second arrest of aspiring ISIS members in the US within the last two weeks.

ABC News revealed that two Chicago cousins looking to launch attacks in the US and overseas on behalf of ISIS were arrested last week after months of FBI surveillance.

One of them is a member of the Illinois National Guard.

Three Brooklyn residents were also arrested last month after authorities discovered they planned to attack Coney Island and President Obama should their attempt to join ISIS overseas prove unsuccessful.

Approximately 30 people have been charged with joining or trying to join militant organizations in Syria and Iraq throughout the last 18 months, ABC News reports.

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