Woman's Instagram Is Deleted After She Shares Her Stretch Mark Photos

Hannah-Grace Moore's body brought twin girls into the world. When she tried to share her post-baby stomach on Instagram, however, the photo-sharing app immediately deleted her account.

Daily Mail reports the 20-year-old mother of two finally worked up the courage to upload snapshots of her underwear-clad body, stretch marks and all, in an effort to boost her confidence.

She'd been struggling with balancing relationships and her new responsibilities as a mother with a negative body image.

Under the photos, Moore says she wrote about how she'd been feeling.

Last week, Moore posted photos of her belly after giving birth.

She wanted her followers to know every person's body is beautiful in its own way.

Her account was suspended two minutes later.

Instagram said there'd been “violations” to its terms of use.

Moore's current Instagram bio seems to back her claims, reading, "Back on this account, new one got shut down."

Moore told Daily Mail the body censoring seems to confirm the negative thoughts she'd been fighting since giving birth in June 2014.

She said, "I wrote that no one should ever get judged or brought down by their size because it shouldn't matter."

"I felt so confident posting the picture showing my baby belly, my belly that carried twin girls for only six months."

Instagram, for its part, called the incident a "technical mistake."

Moore's account has reportedly been restored.

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