This Woman Earned A Living By Smashing Sh*t With Her 34M Breasts

by Gillian Fuller

When Susan Sykes' parents told her to follow her dreams, we doubt they had this in mind.

Sykes, better known by her stage name Busty Heart, is a 53-year-old adult entertainer with a special skill: She smashes stuff with her breasts.

Thanks to a massive set of implants she got in 1990, the Boston-born entertainer's breasts are a size 34M.

Sykes recently appeared on E!'s “Botched,” a reality show about plastic surgery gone wrong. Ironically, she wasn't there for her breasts. She was seeking help to fix a botched liposuction job done on her stomach.

When she met with the show's plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, they unsurprisingly assumed Sykes sought a reduction.

After she insisting she “loves” her implants, the three got to talking about what exactly she does with them, and Sykes revealed some pretty ridiculous stuff.

She admitted she first began smashing Styrofoam cups with her breasts because she thought the noise was “funny,” but she soon began to move on to bigger, more difficult items, including watermelons and aluminum cans.

She boasted,

When I went to Japan, they taught me how to do bricks.

The silicone in her breasts, she says, absorbs the shock from smashing things and her breasts never really hurt from it.

Though Sykes' career choice is undoubtedly a strange one, it's made her a good deal of money. She owns an entire island off the coast of Maine, as well as her own strip club and a mountaintop cabin.

So there you have it, the weirdest story you'll hear all week. I hope.

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