Woman Pretends To Be Deaf For Nine Months To Keep Her Boyfriend

An Alaska waitress faked being deaf for nine months to keep her boyfriend.

Tina, one subject on a new TV show on Oxygen called "My Crazy Love," knew she had to go to extreme measures to secure the best-looking guy she had met in her town of Kodiak.

On the show, she explains,

I was frozen. I don't know why... but I look at the guy and say, 'I'm deaf.' He just looks down at me, grabs my shoulder and yells 'My name is Chris.'

Although Tina may not have known sign language, the two were able to maintain their relationship through texts and gesticulation.

But it wasn't always easy.

Tina said,

If a door slams, you've got to not look. If a dog barks, you have to be really careful not to look or anything. Cross the street and you have to pretend you can't hear the horn honking at you.

The only benefit, she said, was that her deaf alter-ego wouldn't care how loud she was in the bedroom.

Here's a preview of the series, which reenacts their first encounter.

H/T: Huffington Post