Girlfriend Falls Off Cliff Moments After Her Boyfriend Proposes To Her

by Emily Arata

She promised to spend her life with him just moments before the end of it.

A happy day ended tragically for Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29, who accepted her boyfriend's proposal Tuesday on the cliffs of Cala Tarida, Ibiza before stumbling over the edge.

Jumping up and down in celebration, the woman reportedly lost her balance and fell 65 feet to the water.

Dimitrova survived the fall but suffered a heart attack and physical injuries, and an emergency response team declared her dead at the scene of the accident.

The Bulgarian woman, who's far from the first death related to Ibizan cliffs, had been spending several days with her boyfriend, who reportedly works on the Spanish island, searching for employment there and enjoying the balmy, popular vacation spot.

An autopsy later confirmed the woman's death as a terrible accident that caused major damage to her internal organs.

The incident is particularly unfortunate, as media reports Dimitrova's fiancé specifically chose the cliff's edge for its romance and spectacular view.

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