Hands On The Wheel! Woman Crashes Her Car While Using A Sex Toy

by Sean Levinson

A woman reportedly crashed her car while masturbating behind the wheel.

According to Daily Mail, the woman was sitting idly in traffic when her Mini suddenly jolted forward and hit a delivery van in front of her.

Neither vehicle appears to have sustained any significant damage, but the woman, who is allegedly in her 30s, did exchange the necessary information with the male van driver.

It was the apparently the van driver's first day of work, and he was sure he was about to be fired when his bosses at the Gloucestershire-based M&J Seafood called to see him.

But, he was soon informed his job was safe due to the overwhelming evidence the accident was entirely the woman's fault.

A camera located in the van's rear recorded footage of her fixing her pants and holding a dildo right after the crash, Mirror reports.

A source told Mirror the van driver's fears quickly evaporated once his superiors showed him the video.

The source said,

He was like 'what the f*ck?' They all had a good laugh.

The source also supposedly said the woman was "pretty fit."

The company declined to release the footage and said its insurers will see that the incident is resolved.

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