Woman Addicted To Giving Birth Will Be A Surrogate Until Her 'Womb Falls Out'

by Katie Gonzalez

How does this even happen to a person?

One woman claims to be "addicted" to being pregnant, and is now offering up her services as a surrogate for free because she wants another baby in her belly so badly.

It doesn't matter if you're looking forward to being pregnant, or still totally terrified of the "miracle" of childbirth, or never want a kid ever, but I think we can all agree — this is f*cking crazy.

Tara Sawyer has already been pregnant seven times (four of which were with her own children), but loves the feeling so much she says she'll get pregnant as many times as she can until "her womb falls out."

This sounds painful, and dangerous, and totally irresponsible. The Duggar family better watch out — if Sawyer has her way, she'll be besting their record of 19 kids.

Sawyer says, however, she doesn't do it for the babies. Her first surrogate child two years ago was actually her own biological daughter, but Sawyer said she felt no maternal instant and had no problem handing her over to her adoptive family.

Instead, Sawyer's in it for the "huge rush," and because she feels her best when carrying a child.

It's an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it, and I feel at my best whilst pregnant.

While I think it's great that there is someone so willing to help provide a family for those who can't have one themselves naturally, it's still kind of creepy that Sawyer is so into the whole arrangement that she's even refusing the 15,000 British pounds per pregnancy she's legally obligated to as a surrogate mom.