Russian Girls Twerking In 'Winnie The Pooh' Outfits Spark Controversy (Video)

You've never seen Winnie the Pooh and his honey bees quite like this.

A YouTube video of a twerking, grinding dance routine, allegedly performed by teenage girls during a dance show in Orenburg, Russia, provoked local officials, reports The Moscow Times.

The routine features the country's own version of Winnie the Pooh searching for his honey.

While some claim the girls' outfits, mainly the orange and black stripes, pay tribute to St. George and the pro-Russian separatist movement, others are just concerned the performers are allegedly 16 years old.

Either way, we can all agree the dance recitals we performed in as teenagers were never quite this... intense.

As details surrounding the video emerge, its viewership grows: At the time of publication, this clip had received well over five million YouTube views.

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