You Will Soon Be Able To Remove Your Regrettable Tattoos With A Cream

Bye bye, fading Gemini tattoo.  You were cool in college, but you won't be quite as hip at the age of 30.

A 27-year-old researcher from Canada's Dalhousie University is on the path to ridding your body of the cheap tattoos that seemed like a good decision at the time.

PhD candidate Alec Falkenham has developed a cream that fades and removes ink over time, especially tattoos more than two years old, according to the CBC.

The seemingly magic formula, which Falkenham is currently testing on the tattooed ears of pigs, replaces ink-stained macrophages (a kind of skin cell) with new, unblemished macrophages.

Because the cream targets one specific type of cell, Falkenham anticipates a future without painful laser scarring or red, inflamed skin.

And the lotion would be cheap, too: an estimated four Canadian cents for every square centimeter. Compare that to laser removal, which costs around $75 per square inch.

Falkenham assures he has no shortage of interested customers, telling the Calgary Herald,

We obviously have a lot of interest. I often hear from people asking if they can be a guinea pig.

Regrets, be gone.

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