Science Proves Today's Weed Is 3 Times Stronger Than It Was In The 80s

Older marijuana users have frequently said two hits of today's stuff can get you as high as 10 hits off a joint from years past could.

Now, there is finally research proving such outrageous claims are actually quite true.

Think of what kind of music would have been produced if legendary rock bands had the marijuana available now...

A team led by Dr. Andy LaFrate, the president of the research lab Charas Scientific, studied over 600 samples of recreational marijuana provided by retailers and cultivators in Colorado.

The chemical makeups of the samples were then compared to those of marijuana from the 1980s.

Researchers found marijuana has become three times stronger over the past three and a half decades.

According to NBC News, the older samples contained less than 10 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ingredient that gets you high.

On the other hand, today's legal marijuana has an average of 18.7 percent THC, with some samples secreting over 30 percent.LaFrate said,

LaFrate said,

That was higher than expected.

He attributed the massive transformation to a demand for more powerful highs that led growers to cross-breed popular strains, Daily Mail reports.

The result of the added THC is a huge decrease of cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD doesn't amplify a user's high; it makes marijuana an effective treatment for schizophrenia, anxiety, chronic pain and a vast amount of other conditions.

Approximately 200 families have moved to Colorado to obtain Charlotte's Web, which is a CBD-rich strain that cured the torturous seizures of a young girl.

An average of about 0.1 percent of CBD was found in the recreational samples.

Dr. LaFrate continued,

It's disturbing to me because there are people out there who think they're giving their kids Charlotte's Web. And you could be giving them no CBD — or even worse, you could be giving them a THC-rich product which might actually increase seizures. So, it's pretty scary on the medical side.

There is, however, at least one condition that has proven to be significantly alleviated by such high doses of THC.

It can't be diagnosed yet, but it's said to affect the majority of the global population.

Sufferers commonly refer to this curse as "living as a conscious human being."

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